Q0594. Difference in experience?


I think that with almost all twinflames there is a difference in experiencing the intense sadness of the divorce. It seems as if the people with the most intense feelings here often express their questions and doubts. Of course also because there are many other halves that do not yet want to see what is going on. Could it be that twins are always separated in a rational and an emotional side? That the rational side goes slower because he / she feels less, has less pain, and that the emotional side always sees it earlier and has physical pain from the separation and denial? Or does this only play a role in the initial phase of recognition and acceptance? However, I am almost certain that my twin is just as sensitive as I am and can be hurt just as easily, but still shows a tough attitude in everyday life. Where in the beginning I immediately started searching, my twin is actually hiding everything. Rational?

Answer 1
Yes good question! That is certainly the case with us, he is rational and does not go for sale with his emotions. I throw it all out of those emotions, I care. He certainly still keeps appearances. I think there is also a separation between us in the seer and the thinker. I the forward-looking and he the rear-thinking, the mind that always comes after and intuition that always leads the way. , such divorces, we must be complementary as twinflames, but also in everything.What must be a good cooperation, really, sometimes I crave that. Wish it was that far already. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Hi L, I think that twins are both the same very deep inside, very sensitive too, but that due to external influences created (you have determined those lessons yourself) they both started to follow a different track, making it look like they are different to be. And when they meet, they suddenly see themselves in that mirror, but in a different way, and that gives that shock and everything that comes out of it. I do think that women generally express their feelings faster, deal with them differently, and in your case with a much younger twin, it is of course much more complex. Love (unknown)