Q0586. Your twin is not working on the soul love band?


How would you feel if, after years of not having earthly contact, you find out that your twin did not do his best (in his way) to work on the soul love? while you do that intensively?

Answer 1
As you work on your transformation process, your baby step twin also progresses slowly. Both souls are stimulated to be together. My twinflame is also currently busy blocking his feelings for me and his medication is also blocking his feelings. This makes his process slower. In the meantime, I have met our soulmate that “waiting” becomes more bearable. Every transformation process is different and the one simply needs more time than the other. This is also an ego question. Realize that the other person is not left behind. Once the souls have been in contact with each other, the transformation process has begun (Alicia S.)

Answer 2
Have you ever looked at his process? I’d do that first. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Best answer 1 and 2; I’m not talking about my twin; he is busy with his path. but there are many people who know nix about their twin, who are working hard on their process, for that would help if they knew that their twin is also busy; what he feels. minimal info, can also give confidence; no info can take away confidence … no matter how deep the astral bond is. (Unknown)

Answer 4
It may also be that your soul love or twinflame still makes a giant leap in its consciousness in one go! And… you help him with that, via your transformation process! Don’t be disappointed, it just takes a huge amount of time. With my twin it also seems as if we are growing apart rather than toward each other. But …. I also feel very strongly that we are working together behind the scenes. It feels as if a net has been thrown over us (from 2007) and very slowly the cord is being tightened. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 3 is right: I do not know anything about my twin, except that I have long thought that he is trying to forget me. That idd does not look like working on your transformation process and that often makes me sad. I am very intensively involved with this whole event because I have to, otherwise I will lose it. The fact that it seems as if my twin is not working on it sometimes makes me feel SO lost in this process because I feel that I have to do it all by myself. That is of course also the intention, but still. That minimal information about how he feels, among other things, could give me confidence. Now, without information, I sometimes fail to have faith and faith. I always say: I’m losing it !!!! Nowadays I surrender to it and accept that these days apparently belong.

Answer 6
As I said earlier: As soon as twinflames have met (after amalgamation), all fears come up and you eventually get attracted / repelled. Immediately when the souls see each other the transformation process is put into action immediately. Fate also excites the soul that this transformation process needs to be worked on, the ego is stopping this transformation process a bit from going too fast. So never think that your other half is crossed with his hands, the one simply needs more time than the other. (Alicia S.)

Answer 7
I recognize it, my twinflame is also at the very beginning of the whole process while I am already a bit further. I now try to send him energy and love during my meditations in the hope that he can grow with it. I hope that one day he will open his eyes and see who I am for him. The tricky thing is that his soul / unconscious knows it very well but his ego does not want it. I will have to be very patient and I have that (Unknown)

Answer 8
Answer 3; it is true what you say, letting nothing be known is very frustrating and the process is stagnating, I also think it has made my / our process very difficult. But, I believe that everything has a reason, if we had spoken to each other early in the process, we might not have reached that point now. Also realize that what the 1 decides or does affects the other / the total process of both of you, say that the order of the process was already determined to go the shortest route to your / your blueprint. So if a kink enters the cable from 1 side, the entire process is postponed or it takes a different turn / end. There is never 1 outcome, therefore the future is never really certain, there are a number of possible scenarios. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Trust the universe but also try to feel what you can contribute yourself; then the bond grows. everything you give / receive will be returned in millions of times. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Questioner and answer 3; I also don’t think you can say that the one did not do his best, but that he apparently wasn’t ready yet. And you have to accept that no matter how difficult that sometimes is, there are more roads that lead to Rome. A good lesson in (self) confidence for the other, maybe it was even part of the overall process and you had agreed this as part of the lessons you had to learn, accept that it is good as it is and that everything is a reason. Trust in Love, in the Source, and therefore trust in yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Answer 3; minimal information can also consist of a small earthly confirmation, is often much more important than “telling” each other at the soul level, otherwise it will continue to frustrate anyway. (Unknown)

Answer 12
pfffff what are the responses recognizable. The feeling of powerlessness and fear also reigns in me. My twin room is also blocking me, ignoring me and I have the feeling that he is trying to get me out of his head. He lets hyves know that he is doing great … and that hurts so much. But deep down in my heart, I really don’t believe it… .. Yet it is difficult for me. I cannot imagine a life without him, but every contact I seek is blocked, while I wonder every day how he feels ………. will it ever end? (Unknown)