Q0585. Astral consciousness?


Of course I also have sex, on all kinds of levels but: lately I have had the feeling that I have contact with the source in all kinds of ways. it is a kind of paradise feeling that stays where I am very happy with or without a twin. There is a place not far from me where there is a kind of fine healing energy; to test whether I am the only one who feels that, I have unobtrusively taken others to see if they feel that, that was true. with twin I know that blissful feeling too; that has nix to do with sex, making love, also not with magnetic attraction, it’s such a happy and happy feeling, it’s even better ???? !!!! there is absolutely no tension between us anymore, only happiness and a kind of vague merging. all this at astral level. you feel really enlightened (it doesn’t take that long for me); consciousness is in very fine balance, as if you can understand, appreciate, and love everyone. if everyone could feel that way …, that awareness, that love …. making all love, sex that comes out of it …. that is really the most beautiful thing. it’s like sometimes I can peek in at the well. does anyone else have such wonderful experiences?

Answer 1
I cry when I read your piece, yes I have it and I feel it too. Unfortunately that only works if I am alone and there are no others around me, except twin, I almost always feel his presence. I would always like to have the feeling, to apply it in daily life, but as soon as I have earthly people around me, it seems as if that beautiful energy is sucked out of me in one fell swoop. Sometimes I also have the feeling of being literally drained and that can make me very sad and rebellious. I have noticed that among like-minded people the feeling is and remains there, it seems that it is a different kind of energy that you radiate to each other. I sometimes think, that is the difference in energy that they are talking about between 3rd and 4th dimension, that is just palpable. How do you do that? take others carefully and unobtrusively there? (Unknown)

Answer 2
Only once did I feel the kundalini energy and I was deeply under the impression that I could really experience that! A warm feeling flowed through my spine and it lasted 10 minutes. Heavenly feeling. As if someone came close to me and radiated his warmth into me. I also have another experience in which I was in the state between sleeping and waking, and our heads melted together in a pink light. Also the first time and I could cry with happiness. It was so special. In my many dreams I also had sex with him, and that felt very realistic, just like kissing. I think that’s the astral encounter you have when you sleep or meditate. I still wonder if he felt it too. The day that followed the fusion of our heads, he came to my house at a party. He hadn’t rang the doorbell when I opened the door, I just knew it was there. Very strange. There have been even more telepathic incidents. (Unknown)

Answer 3
In my opinion, what is described here corresponds to what I have read in “The Celestial Promise”. Beautiful book with a lot of hope for humanity. I read this book as truth. Anyway, that’s my feeling. What you are describing here is what I hope to someday achieve. The Ultimate state of Being. More and more people will experience this. I hope to be one of them in the future. So this is what the meeting with your twinflame ultimately served for. However, I am only at the very beginning and am still releasing so that I can better cope with the pain of missing myself … (L.)

Answer 4
Sweet 1st answer; and I am glad that you also have, understand and write about it; that we both feel that. is crazy huh? I had that for a very long time; that you are so open and take care of everything and that it blocks you by all that energy from outside. helped me make contact with nature; meditate outside; from there I could easily take the feeling of soul to life / people ‘on the street’ and can often absorb whatever I feel with others and then return that love. there is less and less that upset and distracts me. I come in situations that are really not ok I take distance, choose each other (difficult but also get used to it) usually time dissolves itself, then I go along with it. I try not to get stuck in negat. energy, quite difficult sometimes; by continuing in t good.norm consciousness process. that fine soul energy, for me, that is another dimension that you switch into, I try to commit by meditating and making contact with twin, giving and receiving astral. one time t is stronger than the other; both what I give and what I receive. (Unknown)

Answer 5
answer 4, I think it’s nice to know that you feel that too, crazy yes because we didn’t know each other but also not crazy because it actually makes sense, the processes apparently all go according to the “book” . For so long I wondered where twin was in the process. Then got through from above, he is much farther than you think but I could hardly believe that. I have a number of layers in consciousness within which I now live. The first is to know, to understand how everything works and so you can look at people and situations differently, is not easily frightened of bad things and knows that every person who has love in them no matter how rotten they do, that’s why I can also look at people differently and are usually “above”. The first time I noticed that, when I realized that, I had the feeling that I was living on a different planet haha, now it’s “just” for me. The 2nd is “floating”, I am there but I am not there either haha, a wonderful one! state of being, nobody noticing. As a result, I can isolate myself well in difficult situations, but still a very earthly person (or twin haha) can break into my house and I get upset. The third is what you call a kind of paradisiacal feeling … I only have the latter if I consciously call it up. And that meditation, yes that is nice and easy here, I step outside and sit under the starry sky, I have also received many answers. I have sat outside almost every night for a year, and now I do it when I feel like being in myself or just wanting to escape all that is earthly, a good excuse is always that the dog must be walked haha. I wish that I finally succeeded in being able to remain myself in the 1st and 2nd, that I am no longer hit or that someone can suck me out of negative energy, that makes me tired, I really believe that that 3d energy can pull down. Gosh, is it still fun. (Unknown)

Answer 6
And now, a few days later, I am fully aware of it, and I get a kind of peaceful peace about me … wowh it could have been even better, as if i’m a step higher, thank you. (Unknown)

Answer 7
It’s mainly about trust, in yourself, which I don’t find easy in such a confusing time; sometimes I am really upset. trust twin; continue communication in one way or another, enjoy such a spir. connection helps me and the idea that I am also helping, twin and andren; that gives me confidence, time and again. that’s deep, that’s good. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Yes, self-confidence is the most important thing in this process and I also think that almost all lessons from everyone can be linked back to it, ultimately. Complete trust and surrender in the Love and the Source. In that respect I had a good twin (thank you Lief :-)) because I have gained self-confidence in the last 2.5 years. Fear and uncertainty are always bad counselors and then you have the ego influences from outside, I know all about it. It also helps me to read a lot about it, it gives me insights and confirmation and sometimes you just need that. (Have you ever read return to Love?) Love from me. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Thank you answer 8; No I have not read; good luck and love (unknown)

Answer 10
Reading a lot is important, but keep reading critically on a soul level, right? Love from me (Unknown)

Answer 11
dear questioner you have sex at different levels? is that going well? making love also means making love, I have always felt that, but can you make love with different people without disturbing it? I always did not think so, but perhaps that is also a collectively imposed imposed way of life, because if you do it out of love, then every form of expression is good, do you not have any sorrow when your twin experiences that love with someone else? if you are so polite you do indeed not have to choose then it is good as it comes, am curious about your answer, love (Unknown)

Answer 12
dear answer 11; cannot want to have sex with someone else anymore; just love (with sex); I know that for sure!. I don’t know if I want to make love with 2 partners; always thought without a problem but now I don’t know; I would therefore allow it to the others, that would be the least difficult. I have been consciously feeling my twin since mom. that I met him; didn’t like to feel like he was free..bizar … but again not really bad; after all, I did it myself. I started to analyze automatically; oh that’s sex, oh that’s more, oh that’s love, oh now sex … and why does he do that? or what a stupid decision … blocks I actually find worse, although I now think that sometimes t is better. if I have stomach flu, twin does not have to lead and vice versa. but I don’t think you are going ahead with conscious blocks. as for love with more; that grows like that or not; I can’t plan things like that; anticipate; no love works like that. love is just; don’t feel like hassle around it. I follow my path; my soul and feel what fits and does not fit into it. soul love is so much more than lying in bed with each other; so much is happening ‘unconsciously’. (Unknown)

Answer 13
Thank you so much 11 for your question, I also wondered and actually knew the answer but I think it is special to see it confirmed now. I too have had a platonic relationship for a very long time, perhaps it is only possible to reach that highest state of being if you can let go of all that is earthly. “The highest state of human Love is the unity of one soul in two bodies,” and if you have reached that ultimate state together (“knowing” and accepting), you can make soul love, you can end up in “paradise” together, then you really don’t want to have sex with someone else, at least I don’t. We don’t have heaven on earth yet, but we are very close . (Unknown)

Answer 14
I also have the feeling that once you have felt that you no longer want anything else, the secret lies in whether you can actually let go of everything that keeps you away from that Love, but then for the many sad ones this site ; ‘it takes two to tango’ and I also think that only then will you receive that true Power together, not just for yourself but for everyone around you, if you keep hiding this Love it will not work .. think / I feel (Unknown)

Answer 15
Answer 14, it is true that you have to do it together but you have to respect that everyone finds their own way in it, it is not a process that you can force. Trust that everything has a reason, the whole picture has to be right or else you will not act out of Love. Suppose that at some point you are ready and your twin as well, but your environment is not yet, would it not have anything to do with Love if you left everything behind in such a moment to continue together? Sometimes difficult, if you long for each other, but soul love is not just about love for your twin, it’s about love for everyone. That does not mean that you could not make a choice at some point, but it must be to your heart. Trust that if the intention is to come together in this life that you both make the right choice at the right time. Love from me. You don’t have to be literally with your twin to be able to access that Love, that Love is in yourself, but it helps enormously in the process if you both know that you are doing it together. (Unknown)

Answer 16
You are right, I am not completely satisfied, but whether everyone is happy with this, that is a very big wish, there will also be sadness, changes are difficult .. but love will follow the right path then comes it’s okay (Unknown)

Answer 17
Dear answer 12, stupid decision? I’m sure that’s not about me haha ​​I never make stupid decisions, right? then we must have agreed that together once, like “you do something very stupid so that I can finally wake up” sorry, just kidding, right? And about that feeling, I only feel emotions and sometimes a headache that does not come from me (I think) but otherwise no stomach flu or something, but maybe it is because of that blocks. What a wonderful event it would all be, if they had told me this 3 years ago I would have said, just lock that person up in a clinic haha. (Unknown)