Q0580. Reason for responding anonymously?


The reason why I answer anonymously here is the following: our twin-soul relationship is so delicate that, with the least or the least, the other is knocked out of our heads. We are each still working on our own process for a number of years, independently of each other, that can take a while and if I here under my own name or even nickname (he also feels that it is mine!) throw my soul and bliss for him, then it will disturb him in his development process. And that I want to prevent. Question: What is your reason for responding anonymously to this forum? If applicable of course …

Answer 1
Nickname or not, if you read something and immediately tell your feelings that is my twin, then this is also true. And even though this is with an unknown name, the other person still feels it. Only with a nickname will this be confirmed faster. My twin had also posted an article about his current situation on a site. Fate led me to this. Here was a completely different name that I could not recognize my twin with, but I felt very strongly that it was. The 1st feeling is always right. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 2
I also respond anonymously because I do not want anyone to know who I am, it is too delicate, too dangerous to share my feelings with the world under my own name. Not that I think my twinflame ever comes here. He probably doesn’t even know about the existence of twinflames. But I can be mistaken of course. Sometimes I read a poem that makes me feel very attracted. I don’t think this comes from my twinflame itself, but it is a signal that points to our twin love. This is how I see it (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes knowing intuitively that it is the other is because you are in the same process and recognize each other in it, but my intuition has already let me down quite a bit, so you are not entirely sure. Why not? Maybe third parties are reading along and you absolutely don’t want them to recognize you! because it remains delicate and you really only want one thing and that is to grow. And not to send your twin in a certain direction that I sometimes wanted because of my own uncertainty, but you have to do it yourself, regardless of the other, no matter how difficult that is. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Clear message expressed by the sensible half of the two of us . Still, the sensible half likes it that the other more open and vulnerable half occasionally uses a nickname if it threatens to get out of hand due to misunderstandings. Sometimes I also wonder, why did I have to return to this site from above if necessary? Together we have grown a bit again now . (Unknown)

Answer 5
I don’t quite understand why you think it bothers your twin in the development process. If he does know that it is yours anonymously or with nickname, isn’t it better to just be clear to avoid confusion? Perhaps your growth stagnates precisely because you make that decision for your twin, I think twins can help each other to grow. Sometimes I also wonder, would twin be further with his development than me? After all, it is not for nothing that you have been arranged upstairs to come to such a site together? (Unknown)

Answer 6
In response to answer 5: We are already helping each other to grow. But: his process is his process and my process is different, completely different at the moment. I understand what you mean and theoretically I think this is a perfectly correct argument. says to me that I should not do it, it is a bit of an open nerve or something. It is best if we leave each other completely alone. But we can inspire each other via via via this website. And then I’d rather be anonymous, just one of the many others. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Answer 6; haha nicely worded, open nerve, now I understand why it feels so uncomfortable . The most important thing is always that you rely on your own feeling and it is of course very possible that you both have a different feeling about this because you each go through your own process. Thank you for your answer and lots of love. (Unknown)