Q0579. The most amazing thing about twinflames?


What do you think is the most amazing thing about twinflame, now that you can sort everything out (possibly after a few years)? For me that is the “at random” exchange of energy, one time the tears fall into the spaghetti and the next day I wonder again: “How is it possible that this man makes me so happy?” two: flawless remote communication.

Answer 1
The feeling that you are inseparably and eternally connected to each other and that love comes naturally without having to do anything for it. I found my twin again after about 30 years of remote communication. Through a TV broadcast I felt where she was and that was at a distance of about 90 km. On my PC I saw my twin reading my ticket on the beach about 90 km from me. A few months after the TV broadcast and after a dream I typed her name on Google and I had the address of her business. Nice right. And our mutual energy is so positive that it even heals me at a distance. Lief hey (Unknown)

Answer 2
I think everything is strange, but I am used to it now and I am not surprised if something happens that is not communicated through normal communication channels. Knowing each other so well, knowing what goes on in the other. The recognition, as if it were your dearest person in a forgotten time. His voice in particular, touches me deeply, it feels like a child recognizes her mother’s voice among thousands, is it crazy? When I hear him, my soul goes awayI had 1 time that we were in the same room and he had to leave / walked away. It seemed as if my soul wanted to flow out of my body after him. I had to call myself to order, so that I didn’t actually have to follow him 🙂 The communication, without words, you don’t even have to look at each other, it is a communication of thought waves. Not to mention: The enormous flow of love that arises the moment you see each other. Unbeatable, a dam would break due to the wave of love :)) love (F.)

Answer 3
The feelings of this beautiful miracle; coming home and merging in love! (O.)

Answer 4
The electric field, the dimension where only your soul loved ones and you meet in the weirdest moments, ways. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Being able to feel / pick up the energy / feelings of the other / see through it …. without real communication between them. Very strange!!!! So far away and so close. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I agree with all the answers, and especially in number 2. I often have that feeling that my soul goes away when he leaves the space where we are together. Or if it is there, then the energy flows very strongly between us. Recently I wanted to put it to the test and see if I could really use that telepathy at the time that I wanted it. Well, that worked. He sat on one side of a room and I on the other. He was watching TV with his face turned away from me and I was facing him watching TV. In my mind I asked him to look at me, and immediately he looked. Not once, but all the times I asked! As if I controlled his head. I had to laugh a little about it internally. I think this can certainly also be done remotely, but you will not see it happen. But I am convinced that I can make him think of me, and he can make me think of him. When my twinflame was on the other side of the world, I dreamed about him very often and very vividly. He didn’t feel far away. Now that he lives closer, this has become less. In dreams I can communicate with him and sometimes there is real physical contact. Always when I least expect it, I dream about him. (Unknown)

Answer 7
The intense contact, the certainty of each other, the feeling of each other, the connection, the feeling that you know each other through and through, the connection 24 hours a day …… and all without changing a single word or physically have contact … and on 2, the incredibly rapid growth in spiritual development and insights. (Unknown)

Answer 8
What I also find very wonderful is that while you are both longing for each other and the attraction is sometimes almost unbearable, nothing physically happens because you know it is not the right time yet. That is almost unthinkable on earthly level … also think that this is possible with twins because the feelings you have for each other transcend all earthly things. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Yes Answer 8: I think that is the courtly love they were so busy with in the Middle Ages in stories, songs and so on. …. it happens to me! (Unknown)