Q0565 Twinflame meeting as well as near death experience?


It is said that a twinflame encounter can be compared to a near-death experience. Are there any who have had both the one and the other experience? So have both experiences in their lives?

Answer 1
Yes, me. I still get heavy stabs in my heart when my soul love is in pain. that was very much a few years ago. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Answer 1: That is not an NDE, that is a physical reaction that you describe. Near-death experience means: a withdrawal from your body, a changed state of consciousness during a real life-threatening situation. It is therefore about being actually near (‘near’) death. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I know; I have experienced that …. I think it is not wise to write it down …. but I also had contact, often, with deceased people, family … in that situation. has cost me a lot of power, a lot. mostly because I couldn’t talk about it. (Unknown)

Answer 4
The “symptoms” I received after meeting twinflames were: sleeping at night with open windows (lots of fresh air!), The feeling that we are all all connected at a higher level, no longer interested in organized religion detachment. These are also typical characteristics of an NDE. I didn’t have a real NDE myself, but I did experience a feeling of total timelessness and weightlessness in the event of a car accident and almost drowning, no real withdrawal, no turning of life in film, more a kind of blackout. (Unknown)