Q0560. Christmas card twin holidays?


I have a doubt about sending me a Christmas card with Twin, he has a girlfriend. In the beginning it took a long time before I dared to talk to him spontaneously, now it is becoming more relaxed When I see him I greet him and he is happy and he is sweet to me, I beam like a star and feel make me so happy! It completes that one puzzle piece. But I therefore doubt because I don’t want to ‘feed’ him so much, is there a bit at a crossroads with whether or not? And maybe I am too difficult about a small thing. Does anyone have a good tip? preferably before Christmas Thank you and dear greetings.

Answer 1
I would also love to send my twin a Christmas card. Card has already been written and is in my bag. My twin has a wife and I’m not going to put the ticket on the bus with him, even though I signed it with a nickname. Normally when I have “mail”, I put it in a special place where it comes. A Christmas card is more personal in this case and I don’t want anyone else to get it. Last year I issued the ticket to his work, but he didn’t like that. I would let your twin know through a message that you have a card that you would like to give. It is best not to give anything. If his girlfriend finds out, you’re farther from home. You can always send him a Christmas greeting in your mind. As your contact I would like to tell him that you have a card that you would like to give. If you agree, you can show it and take it back home. You are then sure that your twin has seen this and his girlfriend will not find out. Follow your feelings … and not your ego … Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 2
Yes, if his girlfriend knows that he knows you and occasionally speaks, then a card can’t hurt … just do it, you make the other person happy with it. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Look at a large bunch of red roses is a bit of an exaggeration but a small card or id..Hope to get something from my twin but yes last year nothing, I’m wondering if it will turn out well, actually have little on all special days heard from twin. I do not give up hope. Send a message, a phone call or a card .. I also did .. dear greetings (Unknown)

Answer 4
Nice to send that card, without expectations … within the framework of Christmas thoughts. (Unknown)

Answer 5
There are various reasons for sending people a Christmas card, because they need it, out of habit, for Christmas thought, to let them know that you have not forgotten them etc .. Think carefully about your reason for giving your twin a card want to send. I can only speak for myself but if I wanted to send twin a card while we have no further contact, it would have to do with ego. Because I want him to know that I am thinking of him, well he knows that without a Christmas card…. think my twin would hit tilt if I sent him a card haha. Also take the situation into account, your twin has a girlfriend you say, don’t embarrass him unnecessarily. good luck with your decision (Forever)

Jeetje hey how sweet all these messages! and before Christmas, which I would like to hear from you! This is very useful to me. Then I have the feeling that I am being helped from above. We are lucky enough now and then. I have the card lying next to me, written and well, just have to send it. I will do that too and have no further expectations, it is about the message and that is good from my side to him. Thank you again and wish you lots of strength and love (Unknown)

Answer 6
Christmas what the heck … we have nothing to say about it; the weather is the boss. go with it otherwise you go under (Unknown)
Answer 7 And then you have not had a ticket again, nothing that turns out that he is also doing so with you, too bad, there is very little earthly contact so .. draw..i pull nothing of it anymore..grtjs (Unknown)