Q0557. Holidays?


You have everything under control, you think, and usually it is. But suddenly you are again overwhelmed by intense grief, for the whole situation, the powerlessness, all the responsibilities that you have and want to fulfill. Nodding knees and shaking hands, tears that are very high, am I myself? or is that you? or do we both feel so sad about the whole situation? Celebrating a mandatory Christmas holiday and having a good time while you prefer to be alone, with yourself and your own thoughts … it was probably New Year again. Do you also feel extra “alone” during the holidays?

Answer 1
And I don’t care at all. Christmas Day Mother’s Day Birthday Animal Day I know a lot, I am always working. And I love it that way. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Better be surprised. The sooner you get through it. Even with such days. It is not for nothing that many people get into a fight during Christmas and New Year. I have lived in the busiest entertainment district behind Leidseplein for ten years. the scuppers are running out, family quarrels on the street, haha. But for a moment about that check: I once spoke to a psychologist and he said something interesting about that. So, in the extreme, having everything under control, from upbringing to books in a strict order in the closet, underwear in rows of three on the shelf, towels hung exactly in the bathroom, is an outward compensation of inner disorder. .(Unknown)

Answer 3
Just like vacation is an external compensation for lack of inner freedom. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Feeling alone has to do with the situation you are in, if you are no longer happy in this situation why are you still there? I recognize it all too well! now that I am happy with myself, I am much less bothered by being ‘alone’ because I now have peace in my heart, I no longer have to fake that it is all so cozy .. that is the problem for many and of course I miss my twinflame but I don’t have to pretend anymore and that makes you happy with the situation as it is at the moment. the truth in your heart makes you happy and the silence for myself makes me stay very close to myself and my twin. look if my ego participates then I am sad because then I want it again just like in the old days but that is no longer how much my old ego would like it .. because then I would live in a lie ..

Answer 5
I have not been in the mood for Christmas for weeks and am also looking forward to these ‘pleasant’ days for the first time in my life because an essential part of me is missing. The part that itself does not even realize that he himself is missing something and that he is missed. And that makes it extra heavy. If only I knew if I had ever been in his mind, how he is doing, whether he is also growing spiritually or if it seems to him that nothing has really happened. Because I have that idea very often. How many of these Christmas Masses are still to come? I don’t feel like it right now. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Dear all, I don’t know that for Christmas, now that I am not following my heart and I am honest, that does not mean that I am not sad because I miss my soulmate terribly but that has nothing to do with Christmas or whatever .. it is just there every day..believe that i am going to celebrate christmas with a lot of hope..Liefs (Unknown)

Answer 7
Holidays…. if you party with many people you love, it’s fine. there are many people who miss (soul) lovers on holidays, mourn, feel loneliness extra; that is very unpleasant. I am responsible on public holidays for the welfare of a number of people; so I like to care because I am glad I still have them. (Unknown)

Answer 8
In particular during the holiday periods in which you are swallowed up by earthly children, an earthly partner, obligations and you have far too little opportunity to withdraw into yourself, I find it very difficult. That there is misunderstanding about that because you should find it pleasant to be together. That they simply have no idea what you are going through and that “sharing” is also not an option. Then sometimes I start to doubt everything and I have the feeling that I am in the middle of one or another science fiction film in which I play the lead, so unreal all of them. Then I would prefer to just have a hibernation, and then wake me up again when the film is over because then I feel soooo alone…. something like that (Forever)

Answer 9
For answer 2; very interesting, but what if you have not been able to control it from the outside for a long time, at least that’s what your environment thinks, and you yourself think that you have it on the inside but your environment doesn’t think it is not “healthy” is to be so busy with yourself … .. well, then you just throw it on your hormones or something , because you only have to go through this, right? (Unknown)

Answer 10
For answer 7; Yes you are right, nice when you see it that way and most of the time I succeed, but sometimes not. Hence also “I usually have it under control, but sometimes I get attacked by”, I was the questioner …. Lovers (Forever)

Answer 11
Forever, answer 8: your words, my thoughts. I even suffer from it if I can’t withdraw into myself on time and when I have had to play my role too long. Like yesterday, this results in a gigantic cry, anger on the entire universe and my twin, being completely floored because of intense tiredness, loss of confidence in what it is and what the future can bring. Everything the opposite of what you feel on a good day. And I find it worthless. This feeling can certainly last a whole day. And it is extremely difficult to regain my faith in everything. On such days I am also very sick of this whole event. Please make me a hole in the ground and wake me up again when everything is over … So destructive. Hopefully it will be different tomorrow.

Answer 12
In response to answer 8, I recognize that. Last summer I went on vacation with my family for 4 weeks. The first days were hell for me, because I had to break away from home, where there is twinflame. Because he was physically away a lot (later I discovered again that distance makes for more proximity), and because I couldn’t share it with anyone. I didn’t even have time to be on my own. Four weeks are swallowed up by your earthly children and your husband is not nothing if you are partly in a different mood. And don’t get me wrong; I am very happy that I have my husband and children and that I can go on holiday at all. For real. But this was hard. Gradually it became easier, when I started to dream about twinflame and got signs that he was indeed connected to me. Then I could let it go and just be in the moment. When it comes to the holidays, I’m looking forward to that. We will certainly see each other for a whole day (among other people). I don’t know what that will be like. Cozy probably. But also intense. Looks back and forth, know what the other is feeling, run into walls he has erected. And also wish each other a good Christmas with the accompanying kisses on the cheeks. Yes, I am looking forward to it if I am honest. (Unknown) And also wish each other a good Christmas with the accompanying kisses on the cheeks. Yes, I am looking forward to it if I am honest. (Unknown) And also wish each other a good Christmas with the accompanying kisses on the cheeks. Yes, I am looking forward to it if I am honest. (Unknown)

Answer 13
Well I can tell you that I am not going to wait for the holidays to be sad, I already am now, another year without. (Unknown)

Answer 14
believe that I am going to have a hibernation..wifff no longer want to participate in the obligatory socializing … so well let me see my sad side again .. because yes you can not always be strong if you feel a lot different cries and yet you go again for your loved ones, your face in the fold because that’s how we learned it and then .. then you’re broken. (Unknown)

Answer 15
Yes, that cannot define things that are intertwined, is often called CHAST THEORY. But you can count on it that it goes according to a certain dynamic and systematic process. Although it does not feel that way. and new things announce themselves, that happens at the same time. Those two phenomena attract the most attention: Me first … No now me! Sometimes the one behavioral pattern gets the upper hand and the environment thinks: hehe she is the old again … .. and then you fall back again through your spiritual growth, because it continues, to the left or to the right.I am glad that I am older age (from the age of 48). When I was 23 years old, I had to redo pieces of two different lives, in one life I was a nurse (without a twinflame on earth) who was neat and systematically worked things through, in the other life I was a free-spirited nude model / drawing and painting model, with a turbu! spring relationship with twinflame. Those two lives attracted the most attention. That is enough material for a serious identity crisis. Only when I was allowed to redo another life, and only that life, then there came peace because… ..but 1 identity, 1 experience that I had to redo. All three lives I had a double life. In one life I was a woman dressed as a man (VOC time), the next life I went with twinflame and lived with him as brother and sister because of a difference in position , after that I was secretly a courier in the resistance. All three lives the family knew nothing about it.

Answer 16
Outside it is so beautiful now, a fairy tale that I should enjoy, yet ego came to visit again today, it is there again .. extreme desire … why is it all so complicated after all. Then I think, just give me that one minute as a Christmas gift, just to be very close to twin in his arms for a moment, I think it would be enough to recharge my battery for a long time. (Unknown)