Q0556. Confusion and growth?


dear companions / happy ones .. a while ago confusion arose here on the site by the same feelings, parallel events, even now I notice that again and that costs me a lot of energy, things are said as if I said / wrote them, unintentionally probably but it brings me down because some things I now experience differently, I have been, but I am now so far that I have to go on my inner compass, follow my own path … hope the universe helps me and my sweetheart. .that I hope so .. a jump in the deep end but I am jumping because I can’t help but want to grow and prefer to reunite with a joint task … I have had a lot of this site but now say goodbye, this promotes my growth is no longer a pity, dear … that I am no longer responding here, the time should now be better,working out my dream, back to myself, meditating instead of surprising me about ‘my’ statements / poems that are not mine because it stagnates me and you maybe … sweet you are always with me, I always love you .. miss you. .Love

Answer 1
I respect you, good luck with your inner journey !! a virtual hug from someone you really don’t know. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Try to let it go whether a message is from your twin or not, I know it easily said, but still! When it comes to emotions, that is recognizable for almost all twins, one is a bit further in its development than the other, but usually it also goes with ups and downs. Today I can put everything into perspective and tomorrow I can be down again, that’s why you will always find a text that hits you, that’s how it works. And if it is very synchronous with us (you and me), varying from blue eyes at the door to ego and soul confidence and you name it, you have to be very strong in your shoes. Because who doesn’t want to read his negative twin sweet messages … .. But if you manage to let it go, then you can also find a lot of recognition and support here and then it is not even that important anymore who wrote that. Dear girl, you are ready, stay very close to yourself, if it is destined then it will come to a mome! nt that you no longer expect the total because you let it go. Have a tip for you, google once on Willem de Ridder’s mirror spirit, I heard that spoken CD and is very good to put into perspective, laughing too, you can take a long time ahead of it. Love (forever) you can go a long way ahead of that. Love (forever) you can go a long way ahead of that. Love (forever)

Answer 3
Sometimes answers are combined, it seems, or half copied…. that’s not ok, people put their souls here; you cannot give it your ‘own twist’, but then again. I am glad that these people take the trouble and have the power to post answers. sometimes the answers are alike, but it makes no difference whether or not it concerns your soul love. it’s nice to be able to express yourself independently. there may be people at about the same stage of the soul love design, therefore they seem msschn to your answers. sometimes such an answer also gives you a new insight. (Unknown)

Answer 4
And yes there she was again (I am the ‘questioner’, because I read your answers anyway (why addicted to the love of my soul?) .. so caught, and again a reaction..my development is so far that I am for that love go and have chosen and what I read here is that so many people are afraid to let go, to let go of old situations, what I recognize and have done for a long time, but now that brings me down .. hence, I am in my heart very often calling to everyone haha: “come on people choose and go for this Love, cut through buttons, because this needs the world” .. but this site is great to grow, to mirror dear forever and all other happy souls..greetings..loves (unknown)