Q0553. The eternal lack?


It’s been almost a year since I last saw you. I don’t know if I’ll see you again. There have been times when I said, “Yes, now I have forgotten you (emotionally).” Whenever I reach that point, the feelings suddenly come up violently again. Just like you say, “No, I’m here, I’m still here.” Sometimes I want to feel you, but it seems like you are no longer there, sometimes you pop out of nowhere and into my dreams. ‘Dear …, it doesn’t get any less as we don’t see each other! It is a cyclical event ‘As a child I sometimes had a very strange feeling that I could not place, a lack of loneliness, even at happy moments. I have not been able to post that for years, until I met you and realized that it was you I had always missed. And now? Now I have that feeling again regularly, everything is perfect and yet incomplete, now I know what it is … you are not there .. I sometimes see you appear in my mind with your family, happy and healthy .. then I feel satisfied again. For those who read this, are there more people who have had the same kind of feeling as a child, a kind of ’emptiness, lack, sadness, homesickness’ feeling and later see that this is the lack of that twinflame? xx

Answer 1
yes I know that eternal loss, I used to have moments when I just had to cry, without cause, did not understand it myself, people around me even less, then had a period that I really never cried and now is it back again, yesterday afternoon I suddenly felt sad, I get another message later and then suspect that it was that I felt it. , then another sea of ​​tears, dear … you miss. Submit: Send (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes. I have known my twin from the very beginning. Until the age of seven he has “lived” with us, his energy then. I felt and saw him too (a glowing coil). Such a soul guidance, I thought everyone had such a boyfriend with him day and night, I didn’t know any better. A happy time. Until one day he disappeared from the world. What a bastard! Now I know what I did not know as a child, that 7 years later he would reincarnate with another mother, and had to prepare for that in another dimension. So he also had to let me go. The lack always remains. I did not find other men intimate enough, they had been on their own in the womb and they did not understand anything of my “stuck”. In the beginning they like it, later they get annoyed. I still have to touch something, a big pillow or something

Answer 3
Yes, I certainly recognize it, our stories are a bit like each other only if I know that the intention is for my twin and I to come together in this life, or that actually happens depends of course on 2 people who each have to follow their own path first. Take a look at my experience story 237 . Love (J.)