Q0550. Soulmate flight every time?


The first time I met my soulmate, we immediately looked each other in the eye. That evening there was more eye contact, but as soon as I wanted to have a chat he left. Now I have met him again. His friend told me I was there and he came to see it immediately. That evening I often had long-term eye contact with him. That evening it was a bit better to have a chat, but he left again. In fact I am jealous of those girls who can have a chat with him without any problems. If it were not my soulmate, I would have long thought that he would play a game with me. I know that my soulmate ended his long-term relationship a while back. I wanted to wait until he makes a move, but what if he doesn’t dare? What do you recommend? Do I have to say that I am his soulmate or do I have to wait until he finally comes to me? Thanks.

Answer 1
I would say nothing about this. Let him discover what is between you at his own pace. If it’s really a twinflame relationship, he’ll find out for himself, someday. I’ve been waiting 16 years myself and that is no exception. In the meantime, I just lead my life and do what I want to do. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Good question, but very personal. I was the one who told twin about my feelings, later I was the one who told that I had discovered that it was a matter of soul kinship and in the meantime he kept denying it. Even when I pointed it to this website. Now I can read back that he knew very quickly, much earlier than me, that it was a matter of soul affinity. I also read his messages at the time but thought that that could not be about me, he denied haha. Very special how you can roam around each other for 2.5 years while you know it, without talking about it. And that still does not happen by the way, especially with twin it is all too sensitive. Follow your heart and if you decide to tell, keep in mind that he will deny, and that is really very intense, but it also makes you strong.. I wish! your strength, you are at the start of a lengthy process … loving (Forever)

Answer 3
You have indeed felt a click. You have felt this too, so he ran away from it. Because he has just left a relationship, he will not immediately want to throw himself back into a new relationship. This will also have to do with the fact that he runs away and / or is very shy. Give him peace and wait. Follow your feelings and not your ego. Your self will become curious and will contact you. AND if your feeling says to contact you, you do that. Karmic relationships are the most difficult and that requires a large dose of patience. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 4
A wise council Alicia. I also try to let go of my twinflame as much as possible, not to let my ego get the upper hand and that works very well. Sometimes it’s so hard not to call him for a nonsense reason, just to hear him. Or to invent a reason to see him. But I don’t do it anymore. There are weeks that we don’t hear or see each other. And that feels bald and lonely, but I still feel it with me and I get signs that it is there or is thinking about me. I am patient and wait for him to come to me myself. I fear that this moment is still far away, but perhaps it is also closer than I now dare to dream. Ill see. I feel right now that the most important thing is to give him the space and the time to fully discover his own feelings without my intervention. I would love to lend him a hand, but no matter how tempting, I keep myself nicely aloof. Only when he comes with it! l do something with it. Earlier is not possible, he is simply not ready. You also do not eat a banana that is still bright green … you only do that when it is ripe. In addition, I think it has to do with respect to let him follow his own path. He has that right as a person. Who am I to push him in a certain direction. He must feel and want this himself, only then will there be possibilities. I live in the moments that there is an inner knowing between our souls, that is felt through our eyes that tell each other what is going on. No word is needed for that, no ratio. It is pure feeling, soul love. I now feel those moments more and more often without being together. (Unknown)

Answer 5
In response to answer 4. I believe that this is also entirely the intention of dealing with twinflames. Difficult…. but necessary. Certainly show the part of respect by letting your twin discover his things. My twin is SO young, I don’t think about burdening him with this information now. I would STILL remove him further from me. I definitely believe that if I told him (if he would already read my e-mail) he would be able to close this effectively for the next 20 years. He just can’t do anything with it now. He has a hard enough time with himself. He is in an age phase in which he is exploring himself. Of course I really want to help him. Listen to him, support him. But that is simply not the purpose of this meeting at the moment. I hope and wish that he will benefit from MY development at the moment: listen more to my inner voice, trust my feelings, more love! e getting for myself, so that I make the choices closest to my heart, that I choose for myself, for happiness, for peace, for Love. If he can take advantage of that, perhaps unconsciously, I am very happy that I can help him in this way. Furthermore, I will have to put up with angelic patience before he will contact me. Anyway, anytime. Recently I have the idea that I have VERY little contact with him on a soul level. That makes me scared and restless. Afraid of losing him. (it feels like he is moving further and further away from me) I am not yet confident that I no longer need this fear. I hope that together we will get the inner knowledge of each other on a soul level because there is no contact between us. And I still miss him every day, to the depths of my soul. But I will never leave you dear…. If you need me you just have to make contact and I am still there for you. My intense! feeling was lost, but now that I write this again I can say again: I love you dearly. (L.)