Q0540. Release expectations?


Hi dear companions, I read here on the site often from people who want to be open and honest with their twin, without expectation, want to see their twin and at the same time I read that they so long for him / her. My desire (mentally and physically) ) is too big to see my twin without expectations .. also thought that you could continue as friends but I feel that that is no longer possible. my question; how can you stand with someone without expectations when you long for someone like that?

yes, that’s fair! good question … moreover, many soul loved ones who long for a twin are already terribly bound. a twin who doesn’t want to make contact because he thinks it’s okay to break a marriage; he knows that earthy contact is not possible anymore because the bond is too strong … .. he is also honest and has respect. on the other hand, if you have a clear goal, for example work, and you make an appointment about it, it might even be very good to have contact. is very difficult, but if you want both, and you don’t want to make mistakes, it doesn’t have to be hypocritical; then you make a kind of bet with each other out of love; if that is not supported by the universe …. then I don’t know anymore either. I could only do that if my soul love could do it (Unknown)

Answer You cannot. That is why all twins separate again. Everyone must learn their lessons separately. You cannot walk this path as friends together. I think you hinder each other in your (rapid) growth. More and more I get the feeling that the intention is that you only have contact with each other on a spiritual level and grow from it. That in all those years you learn from no earthly contact that you can have a beautiful life without your twin next to you. When you realize that, the desire is gone and you can only come together on an earthly level. The question to which we all want answers is: when? How long do we have to wait? And that already indicates that we are not ready yet. Time will help us learn … learn to make our half soul as complete as possible before they can both be together. Sit in exactly the same boat; I know, but my desire for him is SO great. When will it be time ?? Love … (Unknown)
Answer When I wake up in the morning I always have the best insights, the clearest images in front of me, and this morning they were about expectations and desires. for me this site is just going through the night..to process things i feel this love has been going on for so long that i sometimes compare it to an elephant wear. you have been doing this for a long time and then it starts to itch, the feeling that you have had for a long time at the beginning without the desire to do something with it that comes out after, for example, 7 years, then it can no longer be stopped, like for example if you are expecting and the birth is ashes then you can also not say that the child is not there..so it is also with twinflames, it started as two small sparks and then there is fusion..a whole (the child) and that wants to be born .. no way back but further ..
Answer Yes, that is difficult. I experience the same. I cannot deny that intense desire when we see each other. It IS there and I cannot ignore it. Releasing your twinflame is something else, I can manage that. By this I mean that I just let him lead his life, without having any expectations. Take every moment as it comes. And do my own things. But that desire is always there. I think that also has to do with being human, the physical side of a twinflame relationship. You want to merge with someone on all fronts. At least that’s how it works for me. In my case there is 0.0 physical contact, with the exception of the greeting and birthday kisses and hands a few times a year. And those times I cherish my heart. He is so close that I can sniff his scent, feel his beard stubble and feel his warmth. Then I can continue again after such a moment. I find the most difficult moments that there is intense eye contact and you feel apart! t deal with it in you. Then I wish the rest of the world a very long way away … (Unknown)
Answer How do you make a separation between desire and expectation. That can hardly be 100%. No matter how realistic we are, we remain people with emotions. A twinflame wish can go through rowing and diamonds. In my opinion, that separation can be made better if you know your situation completely, so if you know what is going to happen in the future. to resolve except that it will resolve itself over time. Sublimating desire into something, perhaps that helps in separating desire and expectation. (Unknown)
Answer I think it is only possible if you both have completely recovered yourself. Until then there will always be someone who attracts or repels and so it won’t work. love (Forever)
Answer Yes, if you know what your joint task might be, it might very well work, but that magnetic attraction is like gravity, it gets hold of you once, so no I think you should let go of each other and both should go your life fill in as nicely as possible, if either, or both, are in a relationship and what someone here said about wanting that to pass, I don’t believe in that. now have a beautiful life but the desire remains..and occasionally see at parties, yes it is but it is thunder difficult..because ha there it is again..the Great Desire..Liefs (Unknown)
Answer The word bet in the first answer, that says a lot … after all? Do you make a bet with a natural phenomenon because that’s how I see it … there is no fighting … no matter how much I wanted to try and want it … so I choose purity. Yes, I know that story of expectation and soul-love comparison. I, I also know the feeling during a birth to just not having to participate anymore, something like a bed and all the window out h aha, well that’s about what I sometimes feel now and yet you can’t escape it..mark my words..Liefs (Unknown)
Answer That I hear some people here and again say that it dissolves itself, well I think you sometimes have to take action yourself, you don’t know what the future looks like if you never see each other, then you stay passive and I think you can also actively participate in the process, that may be your assignment, your lesson..the universe will work for you even if you take steps yourself, maybe the universe will wait for you until you start taking action..that is taking responsibility for your feelings … for the truth! (Unknown)
Answer You can sometimes know what the future looks like without seeing each other. That is called clairvoyance. (Unknown)
Answer As an answer to the 4th answer … the most difficult thing to look into each other’s eyes is not the hardest but the MOST BEAUTIFUL! but it is difficult because you read together that you want to be together, that is WHAT you see with the other! and then people still hold on to the usual order, maintaining a relationship in which you really are no longer married, but in which that twinflame has long since taken 1st place, what kind of partner are you still in your marriage? (Unknown)
Answer The power of the soul love feeling just struck me again, what a power. the feeling, I am hypocritical to want something with it and to think, it is so strong. I can’t take that bet at all … I am said to be in my pants for that power. but I would like to take it with me and canalize it; it is also my own strength why should I be afraid, connecting with twin in an idd sublime (sounds a bit arogant) goal, achieving something. the will and the bet then have something that the law of the number force will work with, that is certainly good for everything… ..but how…. how do i explain that to my earthly husband? and yet … betting that you remain pure in this case is a kind of sacrifice that you bring …. that makes it ok again for me and not completely impossible. (Unknown)
Answer Do you have a picture with that? how it should be and what clarity you have already created to achieve it. You can make a sacrifice like twins, but then together .. that would be a possibility, I do not know what my twin and I have agreed for this life, but I want to believe it. the universe is already working for you even now, see the signs what can you do with it? give openness and clarity, yes stay pure in your intentions and it works even better..maybe an opening..a possibility to be together in a different way than you wish..Liefs (Unknown)
Answer I expected 3.5 years and above all had a desire, against my better judgment. I thought if I could adapt to the situation (he lives together) I could handle it. that assignment is too heavy for me, my desire is about unity and peace in myself, I am increasingly finding that he is a mirror, and that my feelings concern myself, so let go … The power of the Eckhart tolle NOW helps me here a very big hand on the way. If it only brings pain and lets you descend further and further into your ego, it is no longer healthy, and you can do more to yourself than you realize. To miss?? even that is about, total acceptance is what is being asked, oneness with yourself, and you will find that there is not even a question anymore, when? why not? in essence you are connected to everything,
Answer Yes let go of expectations, you will learn it that way, my twin holds up that mirror to me that I have to learn to let go..twin is happy in his relationship.won’t choose so I let go of all expectations..i accept that it is no different. Will my unconditional love continue to send and see Twin every now and then? am happy with my life..love twin i love you no matter what you do..i will bend my Love to you..Love (Unknown)