Q0531. His feeling, my feeling?


How do you distinguish his feeling with your own feeling? I feel and feel and feel. Sometimes, like now, I have days when I feel very little. You would think that you should be happy with that, because it gives a certain peace. Well, no. I wonder why it is so quiet in me. Have I seen it wrong all this time? Not feeling does not by definition make you happier. My doubts arise again. And what I find the worst of all is that I can’t get to my deep love for him. This makes me gloomy and makes me have little love to spread around. So, no, not feeling is not good either. But who do I feel now?

misschien een heel ander antwoord, maar sluit aan bij jouw vraag;
I feel so desperate, all my energy is goneFeel you so far away as if you have forgottenWhat’s the meaning of itWhat do we have to learnFor now I feel so lost insideAlone but so much to giveI gave my love to everyone aroundBut I miss you in everything I doI want you near..close by my sideIt seems so alone..so without YOU
And in my deepest painI feel you carefully coming my wayIn my heart I cherish my LoveMy tenderness I want you to feelI hope you do..
Desperate feelingsAre they mine of yours?
dit gedichtje lag klaar, op het juiste moment..hoop dat je er wat aan hebt..lieve groet(Onbekend)

Look, if there is any doubt, there is an opening, I always say. I wouldn’t worry too much about that, it will all come back. I sometimes panicked because of that, but the feeling has always returned, and that immediately makes you stronger when it is back. (Unknown)

I recognize this, you shut yourself off from all your feelings, this is probably easier for you. Do me sometimes and that doesn’t feel good at all. (Unknown)

I think that feeling is an interaction between both souls, telepathy. If you both have your “antenna” off, you can easily make contact. If the one is sad or closes (consciously or unconsciously) then the contact will be “different”. I also notice it when I’m sad myself or when my twin is sad or shuts off. Then I can feel what I want but hardly get any contact, no “answer” say. So yes, who do you feel at such a moment? I don’t know, I have since learned to make a distinction … It is all part of it and I would not worry too much about it, love (Forever)