Q0519. Source?


Almost immediately after meeting my twin; in a few days exactly 4 years ago, I started to dream, to have visions about us entwined in a beautiful warm light, the source. I have been spiritual in a natural unobtrusive way all my life but this was the most beautiful thing I had ever felt; I soon learned to nourish and feel it. we are also fused together in a certain way. no one had, has it exactly (not necessary for me), earthy contact was much too shocking, moreover my soul love did not want to, (a shock to me) was engaged in other loves and does not want to cheat (he sees it that way) ) with a married woman. (me neither by the way). that is (has been) good for our spiritual development … which I enjoy intensely. I have been living in love all my life, it feels like to me; we have to go back to the source where we were already. I can only be pure, in this soul bond, always been, always will be. I rate my soul love very high. pure: also towards my husband; to whom I will explain when I get in touch with my soul love again; for that it makes no sense, it is not necessary, soul love is soul love. then it also becomes clear to me how things are going. I do not miss my soul love earthly (at the moment) (and always), except when the universe separates us to teach one or the other a lesson. then I feel a distance that is unknown to me. I know and don’t know his situation and that sometimes makes me uncertain. He is cutting off earthly contact for 4 years. and I am very independent … not pushy.

And that is (has been) good for our spiritual development. (Unknown)

Yes, and spirit. dev. is good for our love and that of everyone. (Unknown)