Q0497. How do you handle the energy that you sometimes feel?


How do you handle the energy that you sometimes feel, sometimes I can’t sleep because of the vibrations that go through my body, that hang in the air … Every time I have seen it, I need a few days to get back into balance come. Are there still people who feel this way?

Yes me. I also feel an immense energy through me when I see my twin or even speak on the phone. In fact, even if I only hear his name mentioned somewhere on his name, I am already shaking with energy. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of it, then the adrenaline rushes through me. Sometimes that is not always nice when you are tired and have to leave early. When he is with me in reality, my heart sometimes pounds in my chest and I have to really pick up and relax myself by focusing on my breathing. I am sometimes afraid that third parties outside this can see it on me. I get very happy and warm when I see him. Conversely, I feel the same emanation from him. I can really go days ahead with that energy, very strange. (Unknown)

Yes that days can go further on that feeling that is heavenly, that gives you such a drive but I now have that even if I only hear from him. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because of all the feelings I cannot sleep more, but I’m never really tired of it, it gives me a kick, but if that happens too often it doesn’t sleep. At the moment I get a rest and now I feel tired of the struggle it has cost me and now I no longer have to. I give myself a break and focus on my life and on the lovely people around me. (Unknown)

yes, I still feel it, soooo special !! Miss you! (Unknown)