Q0467. Letting go of your twinflame?


My experience with a twinflame was intense on all fronts. In the relationship it was difficult because the mirrors were too confronting and even though we loved each other immensely, we couldn’t be together. Now, despite the fact that we no longer have any contact, I still “consciously chose” that the attraction is enormous and I feel that I cannot really get away to really go on with my life. Are there any tips for getting rid of a twinflame or is it even possible to get rid of each other at all.

why do I feel it that way? do not ask me it is a feeling! .. so maybe this also applies to the questioner … dear greeting (Unknown)

The mirrors are confronting to give us a spiritual growth. Don’t walk away from it, but let it happen to you. Enter into confrontation until everything is processed. Otherwise it keeps coming back forever. It must happen anyway so that you grow like a soul and trust me, after this you are a very new person who looks at the world with so much love. You will be able to achieve everything, but don’t run away from challenges. They are there for a reason. Enjoy your gift, because not many people have this (Unknown)