Q0462. Left?


I am sure the person I met is my soulmate. I met him via the internet, he lives in Limburg, I near Amsterdam. Our parents are both from Croatia and Bosnia, both have fled before the war, we are both born in Germany and both have come to the Netherlands at the age of five. We have so much in common, the same thoughts, feelings, interests. Everything was beautiful, but he can’t handle it because we live so far away. He is 18, I 16. Of course you could consider this as nonsense child love but you cannot ignore the feeling of unconditional love. He wants to stop our relationship because we live so far away, but I can’t handle it. What should I do?

Internet brings people together and if it is meant to be, it keeps them together. The nice thing about the internet is that it has no sense of time or distance. We humans unfortunately still. Although that is becoming less and less due to the internet. So yes this is my tip: live a bit like the internet, I would take a little distance. At a certain moment he no longer keeps it and he becomes curious about you again. To your love, your nice things, everything that belongs to you. After all, you are a soulmate, you say. And when I read it that way it looks like it. Such a distance, many drive daily back and forth for their work. It must be possible to bridge that figuratively. Keep courage. You can propose to write (very romantic) ordinary letters. That is perhaps less intense. It still gives a kick if something is on the mat.

What is far away? That piece can still be bridged, maybe he is afraid of it. but keep in touch with each other, and no it does not have to be nonsensical child love .. that was also said to me once; “Not a hand full but a country full” … well not, if you feel that this is him, the true one, don’t give up! Keep in touch via e-mail or whatever, if it is real love then it will be fine .. don’t live a whole life before you realize that this was actually him, because then it is so difficult to change it, find out what you put together have .. but don’t just let your love go. Does he make the choice to let you go, respect it, because maybe he is not that far yet, he (and maybe you too) must first experience other things before he is ready. And if you are meant for each other then god / universe will really work for you ..

Answer You
may find it helpful, the I ching says the following: If you lose your horse, don’t run it; If it belongs to you it will come back automatically. Explanation: With starting contrast, you may not want to force the unit; therefore one would only reach the opposite, just as a horse moves further and further away if one runs after it. If it is our own horse, then we can let it run quietly, it will come back on its own. Similarly, a person who belongs to us but temporarily moves away from us as a result of a misunderstanding, will automatically return as long as he is allowed to commit it. (Unknown)