Q0443. Fusion?


I read a lot about fusion, but what exactly happens when a fusion occurs? what do you feel or experience then?

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my experience, amalgamation is that 2auras (yours and your twin) merge and you are 1 body. yours share my share .. together 1. But that’s my feeling with it .. (Unknown)

Oh dear that is difficult to explain, it is so automatic that you can hardly trace that process once it has taken place. You meet someone, you are impressed, you actually do not want to encounter him / her anymore, you thinks: “Well, it’s actually a boss (bossy person).” And the moment you think so, a COMPLETE surrender to that other person has meanwhile taken place. In your nerves in your spinal cord, your brain, all the way to your bones. And you already know: “I will never get rid of this, no matter what I do for the rest of my life.” That has been the fusion with my twinflame. The process took about 3 days (Unknown)

It started with me as a sort of resignation, an ultimate flow of love from heaven, a feeling that it was all right, a contact with upstairs, was no longer in the world for a moment, no one noticed it but my twin looked at me from a distance and nodded as if he felt what I felt, later by just being together a fusion of a heavenly feeling of love / energy, an energy that lifts, that makes you no longer want to leave each other. and the most special thing is a fusion at a distance, just like that, half asleep, half awake, as if you are passing on and receiving a vibrant stream of light and power in 3 places (head, heart and abdominal chakra), a connection, as if you were being held, stuck to your twin, it made me very happy and felt ecstatic stillness afterwards, my twin was with me that I felt,

I also feel that the combination of auras, but for me it was on all fronts, also earthly; spiritual and earthly. it took 2 days and came very unexpectedly. (Unknown)