Q0428. Find or recognize soulmate in a dream?


About 2 months ago I had a dream about a person (who passed away last year) and asked me: “why have we never met before?”, Then this person hugged me. This dream was very clear and it felt very good, it was just like I was there. I also want to know everything about that person, and to my surprise we have a lot of similarities. I also have the feeling that I have known this person for a long time. Does anyone recognize this?

Letting go is good but if you start to understand how it works to attract each other and if your deepest fear, ego, have shaken together, leaving mainly soul, when you feel ready to make contact, it is ok to make that carefully ; the way is different for everyone. you can then further develop together I think; at your level. do not contact you will be warned. nothing. the cosmos will then work for you when action comes. I think there are phases of self-development and merging. in the best case scenario you can stay together and develop … (Unknown)

oops, this previous answer ended up wrong. how fierce your story; it seems that you have met your twin / or that you have a very intense paranormal experience; in the spirit realm. Do you like the ‘contact’? or difficult? did you know this person well? do you have the idea that this person wants to ask you something? a lot of success (Unknown)