Q0422. How do you tell?



How do you tell someone that it is about soul love if you think the other person is too sober to believe in this?

Don’t know, I tried it too, but for some people the penny will never fall because if you don’t want to believe in it then it doesn’t exist either! there is such a story attached that only people who have seen that love, that light and that strength have felt understand what it is .. so actually no start. do not expect any understanding, you will not get that anyway .. but try to explain it, maybe a small bell is going to ring somewhere. If you just keep believing in it! let the unbelief with the other person, it is a higher love, you have to be open to that, but someone who is spiritual will have to be able to believe this a long way ?! yet?! Why do you want understanding? it’s about the Love you feel for someone else, and it’s so Great! That is what you can explain, the sense of unity, the heat and the light, you can call it but if it happens? I also tried it all, there is always something hanging around with a sober soul. I think that there is more understanding than you think, but that people do not want to, because that will ruin lives. I have had a piece read about it, but what others get out of it is what suits them best, so for example a piece of text like “a twinflame will never interfere with the marriage of another” that will be remembered and there talk about it, the rest will be read but tucked away because that is threatening! (self-interest!) you can try it but sometimes it is only hurtful to yourself because the other person does not want it and will thus deny a piece of you and your experience , at least that is my experience. my sorrow was great, I certainly tried to explain it for a year (bit by bit) and still someone wants to hold you, what’s that? love or self-interest? you can compare it to a grieving process; if someone you love becomes very ill then you want that person to suffer no more, if that is closed by death then my experience is that you are happy that it is over, that is love. if you want that other person to remain on this earth because you want it to be self-interest. It is the same with love; if you see that the other person becomes unhappy because he cannot be with his twin, then you let go of the other person to continue his way, and then you try to understand what soul love is. That is love, but I think that’s pretty hard for sober / rational people. i have not really understood either