Q0418. Is this my soul love?


A few months ago I met a man with whom I immediately felt very familiar and that I had known him for years. there was a very strong attraction that became stronger every time we met. when I look at him it looks like I look into his soul and know exactly what he is thinking. it also seems that he has opened my soul since I know him, I am very emotional and things from the past come up that I thought had a place for a long time. in the end we surrendered to the tension and more happened. now he has decided to distance himself. I don’t hear from him anymore and when I see him he is cold and aloof. I now feel enormously empty and I miss him enormously. is this soul love? how should I deal with this contact?

I myself met my twin and also a soulmate, what you describe here I could recognize most in my soulamte, I missed him enormously and I felt a huge attraction and a spiritual connection, yet a twin and a soulmate feel different, dependent you can determine this from how you feel with him, a twin is more of an overwhelming feeling that you sometimes really want to walk away from while a soulmate pulls you closer to him with his attraction power, you will find that your soulmate is very united as if your soulmates are !!! Julie probably also know each other from a previous life !!! I think you still have a few things to solve with each other !! A soulmate is rare and is a beautiful gift, the nice thing is that you can feel each other enormously, the difference with twin is that you dream of your twin more and have more telepathic contact than with your soulmate, your twin drastically changes your spiritual being while! a soulmate does this only partially, you can know what he is about you, you can feel it in your heart, but listen to your pure truth in your heart !!! Anyway it is not nice if you ignore each other, I also had this with my soulmate, he was a lot like my twin, by the way, but he was just very afraid of our connection, it scared him a little so he took some distance .. Well yes it is also quite a heavy feeling so all of this, for me this has not worked out well anymore with my soulmate because we had a fight and we no longer saw each other, I think our karma is already worked out … Now of course I hope for you it all will be fine,

thank you for your nice answer. because of this a lot is clear and confirmed to me. in the meantime, the contact is back a bit. he had consciously taken a little distance. I just don’t know if that distance was about the attraction or whether he also realized that this would go further. but as you said there is still a lot to work on. (Unknown)