Q0413. Are we twins or soulmates?


I realized that he was my true love when I saw him the first moment and I felt so at ease that I have never met anyone !! I am a doubter and I want to hear what you think of my story !! Are we twins or just soulmates ?? I hope you can be honest with me !! I feel it very often with me, although it is 2000 km away from me, the farther it is, how difficult it is to feel it is! It took me a long time to realize how strong our connection was, I was in denial because I knew I was going to lose sight of him, but everything told me he was true, but is he my twin or my soulmate ?? I have been attracting more soulmates lately, since I have known him and then I clearly feel that his soulmates, because I agree well, even though they are contradictory in some areas and I feel a mutual connection, but if I no longer see them I am! sad but with that boy, I feel as if I will die as if I am missing a part of me !! Recently I started to shake violently when he is only around me, do you also have this with soulmates? I myself stepped out once when I saw my twin, and I always feel such a strong feeling that I want to run away from it, is this soulmate or twin ??? It is frightening very overwhelming feeling, thought for myself that I would die !! unbelievable!! I can feel it enormously, and I have not had telepathy regularly, but whole and occasionally, I know we can communicate telepathically at all times but sometimes it is not clear enough or maybe I doubt too much whether it is a thought or really I feel it constantly with me sometimes more than usual !!! I feel his whole being in my being, I feel him so present and especially when he is very happy or very sad !! And even though we both spoke a different language, we could understand each other !! I am right! It seemed to me when I was with him, but I must say that our relationship was always fierce, also a lot of misunderstandings, but I have an unconditional love, and I don’t have that with the soulmate I got to know afterwards !! I feel that it is something different as soulmate but I also do not know if we are twins ?? Because sometimes it seems that our band is something else than people describe here, but then I think every band is unique !!! I feel that we have already experienced a lot, probably also in other lives !! I feel a real solidarity !!! And everything in me that wants to keep going for him no matter what !!! But I did not really have a sense of recognition, yes I saw him and everything told me that he was a true person and he appeared before me, he had such a glow like an angel was really crazy, and then I would not have seen him for a long time and then 1 year later when I saw him again I started shaking / vibrating and getting into a trance for the first time and a year later when I saw him again he started to vibrate even more, and then! I had such a feeling that I wanted to run away, so overwhelming !!! But maybe our recognition has yet to come, we see each other with pieces and shreds that might be with that !!! I would like to know your opinion about it! !! What do you think we are twins or not or soulmates?

Twins (Unknown)