Q0404. Spiritual power, what do you do with it?


I have the idea that many of us, somehow by recognizing your twinflame and the transformation, have developed spiritually / intuitively, and therefore have a clear-sighted, clairvoyant or id. have become. I myself have that particularly strong when I see my twin, clear-feeling and sometimes telepathic, find that I can sometimes help people with my thoughts. sometimes find it difficult because sometimes I literally feel the sorrow of someone else. luckily I can give it a place because I now know that it is not mine, but with flurries I just feel too much, eg in a busy shopping street, even sounds come in very loudly, I often look for peace in nature op.toch is it also a gift that you can do something with? who can write something about this? what do you do with it?

That sounds recognizable; for me it helps to meditate. the soul-loving power also helps me to communicate in a mild way and to understand others. (Unknown)