Q0396. Death of twinflame?


Are there twinflame partners here whose twinflame died and how is that experience? How does that feel then and is there still telepathic contact? Does anyone know anything about this?

I sometimes wonder. I have also almost died a few times since I know my twin. I am also sometimes very worried that my twin will die, although that is less now; I think I’m just feeling my twin … are you asking this because you would like to get together before this might happen? (Unknown)

No simply out of curiosity about what contact might be like after this life, if one of them dies. I have read a story about a woman and she was 36 with her twin. After his death, the contact continued as usual. He from another dimension and she here on earth. That seems very special to me. We hear my twin and I are alive and kicking, I know we are predicted in our next life, then he will come back as an angel and I will stay behind as his guide. We will experience something similar, I think. (Unknown)