Q0388. Cheating?


Perhaps an unthinkable issue but the question loudly a man remains a man (not all men are so natural, but a large proportion of men and women are cheating), do you think that if you are each other’s twinflame that man can still cheat (or the woman) ?? Or do you think that guilt and feeling of love transcend pleasure? What wins good or bad? And can the weak sex control itself if it makes sense at a given moment that it can no longer contain itself? I have caught myself wondering a lot about it because sometimes I really think that the existence of monogamy is disappearing and I find that something so sad, it seems that we are becoming more and more unloving ..

Dear stranger, faith has to do with trust; not just in love in any kind of relationship. It looks like you have been hurt and you have lost faith in true love … I’m sorry … msschn if you bring out that pain you can process it, forgive yourself and others. you can practice trusting again; you can start in your environment and trust here and there; after a while you will get a lot in return, I think. so it is always with faithfulness in love; you have to feed that, soulmate or not, marriage or no marriage; then it grows very strong. (Unknown)

Yes I know and I trust fairly quickly but the problem is that a lot has happened between my twin and me and that’s why I sometimes fear that he will cheat on me, I really start to get sick thoughts sometimes but think it’s mine fear ego is popping up, my best friend recently made a very smart remark, he told me that maybe I was starting to get his feelings telepathically because my twin is someone who is also difficult to trust and fears cheating and suddenly I had that also at the moment that it came up with him !! I think we both have to learn how to do that, it will be a bit harder for him, but I still believe in him !! But what I actually wonder, if you are twins it is a certainty that you will remain loyal to each other or it is still possible that you are cheating on your twin even if you feel each other’s pain, but then simply because at that moment your ego lights up and you still cheat her or him and then you ! did your twin realize that it was a gross mistake? Or are you still not sufficiently developed ?? I can not imagine that twins will be unfaithful to each other, they see each other’s soul but there are also people who cheat on their own? do you understand ?? Your twin is a part of you so maybe it is also possible that one of the two is cheating on the other from his ego? Don’t we remain people in the first place? It is what I would really like to know !! Well thank you for your answer you are at least someone who still has the guts to answer and help me, I greatly appreciate that.

I have always felt guilty when I went to bed with a boy, even when I did not know my twinflame. The feeling came from deep within. The spiritual bond with my twin existed since I was reincarnated, and has never been away my whole life. Depending on what else you need to do, work out with others (so I no longer needed that in my life, my twin still) AND if one is able to combine parenting and mistress / lover (something that is with me) absolutely could not, it was either one motherhood or the other the mistress. But yes, you could say that if everyone was really aware of the fact that a twinflame belongs to you, then a collective sense of guilt could be created, just like a sense of guilt was created if you didn’t go to church , something that many can hardly imagine. Similarly, it is almost impossible to imagine that we will ever again! all of us would feel guilty if we cheat on someone other than our twinflame, even if they do not live on earth at the same time. So “Helping yourself in adversity and adversity and keeping your twin partner faithful over death” we get such a wedding promise, haha. (Unknown)