Q0382. Will this ever go away?


When I was 16 I met him. I was completely in love. It was really two souls a thought. After a short period, he put an end to it. He couldn’t handle it all, was too young and wanted to see even more of the world. He was also very open-minded. My life collapsed and I did not know what to do with all these feelings. The time after when we saw each other, it was right again. Then we lost sight of each other for a few years. But when we met again, it was hit again. But somehow he couldn’t do it every time and cut it off in a silly way. To my great sorrow. If I did not see him or had no contact, things always went well. Always thought that it was up to me and that I was always the one who tightened the tires. Until I got into trouble in my marriage and put an end to it. That day I suddenly received an email from him. The contact was quickly as usual and we quickly arranged to see each other! The flames jumped even stronger than ever and it felt perfect. But now it is anxiously quiet again. I don’t hear from him anymore. From the week when I was half awake, half asleep, I saw him in my dream, he told me that love was over ??? I don’t understand this at all, what was that ??? I don’t understand anything of this, how does that work, does he feel the same, have I chased him away? I do not get it? Am I the only one who has these feelings or does he have them too? I dare not ask him this, afraid to scare him away again ??? and why does he always come to ruin my life and my feelings at such moments and then resolutely leave? What do I have to do with this, and how can I make those feelings go away? or how can I ensure that they no longer affect me that way. Am now 32 years old, should it pass? or should I ever learn to deal with it in a normal way? Who can help me?

Many twinflames or soul-loving couples have to go through different phases, the phase where you are in is that of putting on and repelling, that is very hard and difficult, one moment it is and the other moment not, everyone must do this because of it is that you learn from it, you learn not to cling so viciously and learn to trust more above, if you really are meant to be happy in this life you can really let it go, you will come together anyway after you separate julie have met lessons !! And if it is not intended then a relationship with your twin will not be fun, on the contrary it will be hard and difficult because of ego .. I think you will get through this period if you dare to trust, no matter how much has been hurt, trust you, him and life and possibly a higher power, you always get what is ultimately best if you trust !! Once you have some more lo! let’s say that something nice can emerge again if both are ready for this, but you are not yet ready and with the 1 it goes a bit faster than with the other !! Be open to grow and do not stop it and do not just take everything off and on, because then it can take even longer, seize opportunities that you get and certainly if you feel good about it !!! If it is your twinflame you cannot get rid of that feeling, impossible, although it is stronger with some moments than others, I have already noticed that I can function best if I am constantly busy, then I still have spontaneous moments that I have to think about him, but it will be worse if you are stapling, so if necessary, look for hobbies and activities, make sure you are always busy !!! Also think about it as little as possible because it is even more painful !! Organize 1 crying day per week that you will think about him and let your feelings run its course, you will see it will improve. And what really helps with me, really! unbelievable that is keeping a book with all my feelings in it, what I feel for him, what I feel for him, what makes me think of him and what I hope, all such things, that is a huge comfort really !!! ! Also note times that you can feel it and the like is nice too !!! That book is important because usually people around do not understand anything about soul love !! talk to fellow sufferers that also helps !!! Keep hoping and instead of looking at memories with sadness, you can turn the medal around and make sure you bring back memories and photos and don’t think I sniff that anymore, but ip of that, just Amai so happy that I was then, amai so nice dayt I have that experience, that helps to think that way but it does take practice !! Hopefully I could help you, lots of love !!! (Claudia)