Q0372. Longing for your twinflame?


In general, I feel very strong because I know my twinflame and love him unconditionally and I know it will stay that way, I also feel him occasionally, as if he really is with me and that is great. It is better that we do not see each other, but I long for him, to look him in the eye and to feel our love, how can you deal with that desire?

The desire for the other will always remain. Even if you have virtually no contact with each other anymore. I also have little contact with him. The desire will weigh much harder one day than the next. Sometimes it can help to create a kind of diary in which you all write letters that are addressed to him. But you don’t send them. You try to put into words your feelings, your desires and your fears. In this way you also gain more insight into yourself, into your own feelings, your own emotions so that you can better “resolve” certain emotions. I believe that you can take a big step in the further growth towards each other. Good luck! (Unknown)

Writing indeed helps, write poems for a while and now some sort of diary, it does help, also by reading it again you see what is missing from you, a bit of self-love and trust .. Still I will keep that desire to really be together .. that love you want to show and feel to the other … that is what my desire is! (Unknown)

dear unknown, how do you deal with that if you have little contact with him? do you write too? Or do you have so much confidence that it will be good that you will not be bothered by that? I also have faith in it, but still .. it remains difficult .. after all? (Unknown)