Q0370. Will you ever be together?


A few months ago I met a lady who is very spiritual. I myself am a scientist (also a woman) and have never consciously been concerned with these things. However, I have never denied that there is more between heaven and earth (because I do not have all the wisdom on lease). But as a scientist you are nevertheless inclined to explain things with facts. Because of her I heard stories and quarters started falling. Inexplicable things became clearer to me. She mentioned the term “twinflames” for the first time. At first I thought it was going a bit too far … didn’t that exist? At a certain point I started looking for the term “attracting and repelling” because I couldn’t explain many things … why sometimes “people” do that to you … or why do you do it with others? Then I came through via on this site (and some other sites). And then it hit like a bomb !!!!! Not the spiritual lady but the lady in front is my twinflame, I know for sure. (I am a lesbian myself). For 2 years we have had the most intense contact (love relationship, she was bi as she said) what I dared to dream. Both passion and sadness and quarrels. So extreme. But she’s with a man. But she also feels it, I know for sure. Now my question is …. is it possible that you will ever meet again? Or do I have to settle for the experiences I have had and set it up that I will never see her again? (In real life then because in my heart she is always with me) And a second question. Can twinflames be between 2 people of the same sex? I only read about people of different gender? Love

Dear J, Yes you will definitely come together again !!! But when that is the question In a nutshell my story: as an embryo, my twinflame and I have been in the womb together. I was not allowed to incarnate. He was allowed to stay temporarily on an energetic level, in my neighborhood. As a toddler, I saw him, my first visual memory, in the form of a glowing coil every time I was alone. That is called INPRENTING AT SOUL LEVEL !! Then for life because of that imprinting, a FORCED SPIRITUAL WEDDING. You can see it in my horoscope. There is no other soul involved, no matter how nice they are, I just ignored them. In our previous life we ​​lived together intensively for 3 years. As a kind of brother and sister (not a real one) to shape our dealings in a certain form because we were not allowed to have real dealings with each other (position difference). We had a child but that took us away, he had already literally been sent off. And we said: we will meet again, there is no other way! Or in this life! or in another life, but we meet again. Now we have met again so … actually for the 2nd time in my current life (Unknown)

Thank you for your answer. You already know a lot about yourself and your lives … Can I still ask you something? You indicate that you have met each other for the 2nd time in your current life. The first is in the womb and the second is not entirely clear to me. (Unknown)

In the hospital. There is literally in his horoscope: transformation in the career through cutting into a twin partner! (Unknown)