Q0356. Don’t you cheat on your partner if you love your twinflame more?


I feel that I am cheating on my partner because I do not live in harmony with my soul who wants me to choose my twinflame. My partner knows everything but doesn’t understand much about it, I am honest with him about everything, but I still feel that I am not honest with myself and him because I let the marriage go on. I can’t get 100 percent more go for my husband. Sometimes I think I’m doing well because I don’t want to hurt anyone. I do love my earthly partner, but I love my twinflame with heart and soul, it is through everything. I look at him and feel his sorrow, I want to make him so happy, but he says that I think he is satisfied not to take me away from my partner, he doesn’t want to destroy my family and I don’t want his relationship .. I cheat my partner but also myself by not choosing the truth but for what is good for everyone .. what is Love? I’m constantly playing ping-pong in my head. who can help me?

with two strong halves that absolutely should not lean on each other, but in a complementary way can reduce their own personal needs as far as possible for the common good and well-being. Imagine that! The question is whether you …: do not need feedback, can take care of your own beans, like to solve your problems yourself, can be celibate for years, etc. etc. If there is also a little doubt then just keep it please with your current situation and do not force anything. Meanwhile, keep a good relationship (like a brother and sister) with your twin and critically remember that the above also applies to your twin! (Unknown)

Thank you for your answer! a moment of clarity for me (unknown)

He can’t handle the deeper bond, it’s too intense for him. He is guided by his fear, just as you are afraid to let him go. Both experience fear. What I want to say to you, learn to let go of the feeling and find the power to stand on your own two feet again. It is difficult but not impossible. The more you release him in the process, the better for both of them. (Unknown)