Q0348. What do you do in the periods that you are without a twinflame?


I strongly believe in the fact that twinflames are there to learn lessons that will help you further. Partly because of this I am able to let go of my twinflame when the time comes. In the great energy I experience with them, an all-embracing love always dominates. Being physically together is therefore no obstacle. Currently I have had an earthly love for 4 years that gave me satisfaction. However, it recently started to itch in me. I long for a twin. I long for someone to see me as I am and see through me. I long to experience that overwhelming energy with someone again. To feel the jobs that run through my hands, lips and spine when I see him or her. I miss it so much that I lose myself in the non-spiritual side of life. Where I am ultimately unhappy. How do you deal with that miss? How do you live on the border of earthly existence without losing yourself if you have no contact with twins?

What do you mean exactly, the twinflame is always present even though you have no physical contact, mind you: you HAVE two bodies and you ARE a soul, 1 soul. What does your twinflame do in daily life? Does twinflame have a partner and what does it do in daily life, what does your partner do and have you distilled messages from all this data? Use the time that you do not see your twinflame to discover messages. My twinflame is his partner, through everything she does and has studied and so on, unknowingly preparing him for her life and career, oh how happy I am with her! I use the time that I do not yet see my twinflame to study things like this. I can discover this in peace, it is wonderful! You will be really surprised and then the loss will naturally be less bad. After all, it took a long time for you to meet each other and that was also possible? After all, a twinflame relationship cannot be made in our makeable society. (Unknown)