Q0344. Can a twinflame love not be mutual?


I met my twinflame about 9 years ago. At that time I was barely 11 years old. It was a very intense confrontation. I have only known for 2 years what it is that I feel for her. About six months ago I wrote her a letter. I have explained my feelings in this. I didn’t say anything about that I think she’s my twinflame. I don’t know if she’s spiritual. She has responded to this letter. . Her response was not what I had hoped. The situation does not make it any easier. She is 20 years older and because of her work she really can’t have contact with me. I find it very difficult to give this a place. I still miss her every day. I also don’t know if I did well to write that letter. I hoped I could give it a place if I had written that letter. Received a response. But nothing is less true. They say you have to be open to recognize someone. Is it possible that she is not open to it and therefore does not feel the same? . Help: S How should I deal with this feeling? Does anyone have a tip?

Even though you are twinflames, it does not necessarily mean that everyone’s separate growth merges with each other. Maybe she is not ready to acknowledge the confrontation and you are. Moreover, a person always thinks that he / she should outweigh the feeling and mind, which could often be a lifelong fight. In my own situation, my twin was also constantly struggling with the attraction that existed between us and, on the other hand, his family. He knew emotionally well who I was, but mentally this was not possible at all ?! He therefore denied this in all keys. Our relationship ended like that too, he did not want to be guided by his feelings, but by his mind, which is also very understandable, because his child was everything and he did not want to hurt anyone. I never saw him again. I think it is very good that you have written your letter containing your feelings. I wish I da! had done it with him at the time and I will now always live with the regret that I have never expressed my true feelings to him. But since I’ve never seen him again, I think it has been easier for me to eventually continue my own, individual life. (Do not think that just went, it has really been a matter of years!). I think your twin also denies what she really feels. That is because a person also has an ego that is formed by other people and opinions: “What will others not think?” And that is why people often do not go by their feelings. Don’t regret having written that letter, because I am sure that that letter has indeed left an important impression on her and, moreover, it came straight from your heart. She is probably in a phase when she does not know what to do with it, probably also due to circumstances in which she is. Dealing with the feeling you have now! It’s very difficult, but you can manage it. Eventually you will see that a relationship with that person is not reserved for this life, but with someone else. And that would also not be possible, because your souls / characters are mirrored to each other, so that would only clash. Only when you have fully resigned yourself and continue with your individual life (with another),