Q0342. Do you have advice?


I met a man a few years ago. The moment we looked at each other so much love went through me that I was touched to the bottom of my soul. So warm so full of love and it was familiar and immediately felt that I had known him for years. Unfortunately he already has a relationship with another woman who has made him so dependent on her that he has come far away from his own feeling terrible. Because he has a relationship and is emotionally difficult to reach and totally believes in true love I had to let it go with a lot of soul pain. The special thing is that it doesn’t seem like a strong feeling that I can’t let go of it and when we see each other again we look at each other again and I also see it in his eyes but it seems like he is afraid to give in. do you know advice? thank you in advance.

It is very nice of you that you have the feeling that you should not let him go, it describes an unconditionality that you rarely encounter. I also experience that in myself and appreciate it too. I can only tell you what it did to me, I only now understand that my feeling of not wanting to release also has to do with still having hope, but I understand from your story that he must make that choice himself and that you can’t do much about it. you have hope that he will come to you and actually it should be that way, he probably knows that. Only it is his choice, his way and probably in time. you could also give yourself the unconditionality that you feel for him. This is just an advice, but maybe it’s better to take some distance, you are not responsible for him even though you feel him and feel so much for him. enjoy the moments that you can look at each other and let it go, meanwhile I hope for him that he can come loose from his old patterns, and realize how beautiful your love actually is, hope makes life they say but it can also destroy you make good luck (Unknown)

Not letting go is a pitfall, I learned, it is indeed the love that goes through everything, whatever happens you love each other and you never have to let go !! but if you don’t let go, you pull and push, so did my twinflame and me. that gave removal and much sadness. be happy with the contact every now and then and let go, because that is only unconditional love. he still chooses his wife, which is safe and well-known, but you can count on him to change by only getting in touch with you every now and then. have patience and trust and the love you send to each other will do the rest. I, too, have had all these phases, did not want to give in to it at first, and when I did and understood what he meant to me, I got all the way up.