Q0332. My partner has a soul love, how can I deal with this?



I’ve just done my whole story through this site, how it went and how it is now. Her soul love lives at our home and that becomes more and more unbearable for me every day. I do not find the person himself unkind, but I can no longer cope with my feeling of powerlessness. I see that my partner would rather spend time with her than with me and they do, sometimes until the early hours when I am sleeping in my bed because I have to go to work the next morning. Since yesterday my partner no longer wants to share the bed with me and she crawls into bed with her soulmate in her daughter’s room. I have a hard time dealing with this, although I want to believe that they do nothing in bed. I try to understand her, but that is such a big task. I find it hard to handle emotionally. In my mind I can give it a place at work, but when I get closer to home and face the situation, my daytime thinking becomes positive! , chased into the depths in a matter of seconds. I love my partner and her daughter too. I have the dream and fantasy to spend my further life with her, but that dream is shattered a lot by what I see and experience. How should I handle this? How should I believe that my relationship still makes sense? How should I believe that my partner can still be happy with me? I read everything on this site that the love for your soul love never goes away and that you can never experience another relationship so intensely. Does my relationship still make sense? I really want to believe this in the depths of my heart, but I doubt it more and more. Can you help me with this? What I find strange is that it is precisely the context in which my partner has her deceased grandmother, with which my partner has a very strong spiritual connection, that is just falling. And this site suddenly opened when I opened the internet. I find this strange and do not know what to draw from this.

Let them go and free. See with joy the miracle that is waiting for you too. Make way for Love. Believe that you will also meet your soulmate, some day! (Unknown)