Q0326. Is he my twinflame? Ben


I met a man by accident at a place, time I normally never had. Started a relationship. Is now almost 2y. Feel good with him, love to talk to him and have a lot for him. I think the feeling is mutual. His slogan is late what is good is good … I have reacted very emotionally from the beginning, have released so much that I cannot deal with my own feelings. We respectfully encourage each other (un) consciously. Sometimes I have the feeling that I have to let him go because I experience so many emotions, I have a lot of crying and a huge feeling of abdominal pain. I am with him I have nothing, no crying no pains, with him I am who I am and what I am. He is married but that is no problem for me as I am alone and feel good in my being alone. This allows us to let go of each other and each lead our own life as individuals. This is all so beautiful and also what I want … but is this possible?