Q0323. How do you deal with the other dimension that you end up in when you meet your twinflame in company?


When I come to a party I can reasonably stay with both feet on the floor, but as soon as my twinflame appears then it is as if I am entering a different dimension and I just don’t notice anything of the other people anymore. I no longer see my twinflame as a person but more as a shining light. I have trouble behaving socially towards other people, it is like being lifted up. get confused and would prefer to only be with him .. while that is not possible (both married). I would really like to continue to treat everyone in an “ordinary” way, but I flee because I find it too intense. feel his intense love by just being near him, but everything touches me enormously what he says, his voice, everything, the depth of his eyes ..

Hi, that was a whole story, and I think a lot of confusion too. I don’t know if you’re doing it right, because you actually don’t feel good about it, as it is now. You say that something has happened that has hurt you so much that you cannot go on with him in any way whatsoever now. That is of course possible, but I believe that if there really is a love of the soul, this can also work out well, and that it does not really matter, by that I mean to say that if 2 people have such a strong feeling for each other, that they can come out anywhere is. You may have to let it go, but why don’t you tell him honestly how you feel and what you experience now? it cannot be good to experience so much sadness and uncertainty, especially because the other party is also alone. It can be very intense, a soul love who have the opportunity to start a relationship, why don’t you work for it? You naturally continue to be confronted with yourself and with your own fears, which naturally also applies to the other. But I believe that you are now stranding in yourself and therefore you have no reflection and you get so confused. Perhaps it would be nice to contact us, if only to talk it out, if you are ready, if not let it rest. But then you really have to let it go, I think, because that’s how you do yourself and your love. Do not be guided by your mind, because it does little good in such an emotional sense. Try to listen to your heart and keep the good feeling. I hope you get out of your confusion, this is all too good for that, good luck,

Answer I
am so sorry that we are so human that we all want a relationship with our twin! It has just ruined our friendship! We also wanted both, our band and our partners, but yes it is also so intense that we have to learn to deal with it. Hope you find a way! (Unknown)

Hi, yes I forgot to tell you that we are both married and therefore do not really talk to each other, just eye contact and in company with many people around us. and it has been like that for years !! So we can’t really work on it either … (Unknown)

How you can deal with this, by learning to stay close to yourself and not to focus on your twinflame, but to remain calm in your feelings. There are people who do not necessarily want a relationship with their twin because they remain in complete control of themselves. Learn the difference between ego and love. (Unknown)