Q0322. How do you know if you are dealing with it? Can you also ruin it?


see it write differently and am afraid that it should never have happened between 2 soul lovers … I am so afraid that we have ruined it, that it can take many more lifetimes before we can be together again … I do well to ignore him because of what happened or do I have to get over it, really stay there no matter if it only does him good and hurts me … feel so selfish that I can’t do that, find him so selfish that he wants it … how do you know if you handle it correctly ???? please tell me someone, I wake up almost every night in tears, or make myself happy with thoughts of the unbreakable bond and in-person strong love that stays between us even though we now deny this to each other … I hope someone turns this on can and can reflect this to himself to share his experience Finally, I want to thank the site and all of you for all the experiences for all the recognition that make it so much easier to give this love a place in my life … even though it remains a struggle I will be eternally grateful that I can experience this struggle