Q0263. Who can tell what this is? Twin Soul?


My question is, a little year ago I met a boy, I was very deep in the well, he just got out. the forces that took place between us were so intense that we both could not stay with ourselves, if we lay next to each other hand in hand we felt both shocks this is my twinflame, or can someone tell me what that is, we are both our own gone, but think of him often, and feel that there is more, but what?

When twinflames meet, nothing comes in between, that love is eternal, and rises above all other forms of love. Falling in love is not even involved, it is immediately at a higher level, accompanied by a growth in consciousness change and the discovery of yourself in that other person. Twinflames meet when they are ready for it, not when they need it. It happens suddenly, under the most ‘accidental’ circumstances. Two people got to know each other ‘by chance’, they had a common good meaning that they regularly met each other for a few years after that meeting. In retrospect, they describe that period as a preparatory phase, had they entered into a relationship too quickly, this would have disrupted or even prevented the final growth that had now been achieved.