Q0256. Does anyone else have such a kind of experience?


I met my twinflame 8 years ago and I am a man and he too. I felt his love flowing in me and so did mine. We have been very good friends ever since and we can communicate without saying a word. If we sometimes use ecstasy with his 2 and we look each other deep in the eyes then we melt as 1 person I have even seen him walk as I walk myself. At first I thought wow this is not possible but another friend has confirmed this. My question is does anyone else have such a kind of experience?

Yes I recognize that I have it with my girlfriend (also a woman (30) herself) she lives far away from me but we talk to each other for 2 or 3 hours a day on the phone and online and we see each other every now and then , until someone starts moving after another, but sometimes things need time. But we feel each other and see each other and many things happen on a virtual level, sometimes it’s scary. But I would say enjoy it with this man, I wish you good luck. (Unknown)