Q0245. How do you recognize twinflames?


Twinflames, flames and rays generate a sense of confidentiality, recognition and being at home with us. A desire to support each other and to meet at a deeper level. The soul draws together. This happens with or without physical attraction. Usually the latter is hormonal and has nothing to do with the Holy Marriage or the soul. Although we often think so. It is based on physical attractiveness and hormones. In the soul relationship that can be difficult if the latter is true for the one and not for the other. Soul relationships are characterized by uncoveredness and honesty. Everything that we do not see is in the other and ourselves, especially in soul relationships. It causes deeper pain and love than in other relationships because multiple parts meet. Walk away and come together again. No matter how it ends, it will ultimately lead to more love, responsibility, freedom and independence in ourselves. Unintentionally or unconsciously for our day consciousness, we always send our soulmate away from us so that she can return to the Home within herself. The intensity of love, unconditionality and others feelings increase from the twinflame stage and so on to the ray level. A twinflame can ultimately also be our twin ray. The most ultimate and in-depth encounter. This only happens when the consciousness of both starts to become cosmic or universal. Twinflames attract each other to help each other grow spiritually and in the heart. Twinflames attract each other to help each other awaken the inner God-Goddess. They see and stimulate this in each other, feel enormous love for the other. See its beauty and radiance. Fall in love with that. Twin rays help each other to make the already known God-Goddess descend into the bottom three chakras. They release certainties, patterns and safety through their togetherness and consciousness. Each time they are faced with the challenge of only focusing on what really matters. On unity, the soul and the Divine. In freedom, autonomy, independence and responsibility to each other. They always return to gratitude instead of being seen together for short. They help each other to awaken and establish the cosmic Task. Twin rays bring each other closer to self-realization, the internal Holy Marriage and enlightenment. Being naked together But also lack, desire, sadness, soul pain and the inability can be very intense because not only the soul and the Spark respond to each other but also karma, past lives and especially the lower self. Nowhere does the bearing itself become as exposed as with twin relationships.

I understand that twinflames who have found each other are both at a higher level of consciousness. Does that not cause friction with the ‘earthly’? I can imagine that the relationship is so deep and intense that you forget that there is another world around you that does not care about your intense experience of ultimate love and finding the god-goddess in each other. (Unknown)