Q0232. How can I overcome this, can I still enjoy making love with other ‘earthly’ men?


3 years ago I met my twinflame in Greece. he was 22 and I 45 years old. And although I didn’t want a relationship with him at first because of the age difference, I couldn’t resist the beautiful things that existed between us. For 1 month we have been inseparably 24 OP 24 together and I had to go back. In the meantime, he regularly comes to Belgium and I go to him regularly, but the age problem is constantly arising. we have decided to each go our own way because when we see each other we cannot resist each other. The way we make love to each other (or let me say he and me) is so inhumanly beautiful / playful, very intimate, that even though I am in contact with other men, it seems that I cannot be satisfied with the way they are making out. it doesn’t hurt me. it is hard not to compare in everyday life because with Nicolas we have so many points of contact, we love the same things so much and talk with el for hours! on the phone when we’re not together … it’s very weird. my question now is how can i overcome this, can i still enjoy making love with other “earthly” men? I don’t understand correctly. I have been able to discover something ultimate and I am not able to be satisfied with less despite being willing to be open to it. I think it’s easier for Nicolas because he approaches a girl with so much love, he can melt her with his humor and his soft kisses, but apparently I don’t meet men who know that art or am I wrong. Is it also so for men who have met a twinflame difficult to make love with someone else? I could ask Nicolas himself, but since we each go our own way, I will not get an answer from him. Can someone tell me something more about this?

It is indeed difficult to ‘return to’ the ordinary earthly man (s). But you must realize that what you have with your soul love will never be able to share with an “ordinary earthly man.” The sex will also be different by definition. What you can do is to take the positive from your relationship to that other relationship (s). I also have the same problem to a certain extent. After my experiences with my soul love, I also had trouble ‘adapting to’ my husband again. Are you unwittingly comparing them, or not? Until you find out that comparing makes no sense, that every person has its value, every relationship has its fulfillment. Enjoy what you have with your soul love and bring your experiences into your other relationship (s). In the end, everyone benefits from being happier (and then your sex is also better, isn’t it?).