Q0229. I always read that soul loves grow together in the spiritual?


I read on many sites that are about soul loves. That people grow together in the spiritual when you have met? does that mean that only spiritual people meet their soul love?

I know that in order to meet your twin you have to grow a whole lot, if you meet your twin and you are not mature ‘(on a spiritual level) then you will separate again anyway because the reason you have a twinflame is to to learn and to become more spiritually aware !! people who are not spiritual also get to know their twinflames but will not recognize them or often something will go wrong !! That can’t last, you have to learn the essentials !! If you are already sufficiently spiritually aware (both of them), then there is a possibility to be together with your twin, although this is very rare and this should usually be for a higher purpose, striving together !!! So if you can learn and grow sufficiently,