Q0227. How can I let go of my soul love?


I cannot let go of my soul love, every time I look into her eyes, it feels such an enormous love again and it is mutual !! I am also married, and my marriage is also very important to me, but this is a very different love !! Does anyone have a tip for me?

I recognize all of this EXACTLY !!!: Not being able to let each other go, finding contact, cheating with each other … (Marloes)

Cherish your soul love
Do you have only one chance in your life
to find your soulmate,
who is all yours alone?
Then take that opportunity and don’t let it slip away.
In my life I have
only made one big mistake.
And that was the day
I let him go.
Even though I search the whole world,
I will never find love again.
Which was as nice as ours.
Cherish your love when you have found it.
You cannot throw away such opportunities.
Don’t make mistakes
like I did
and never let him go.
When I think of it
how I held the world.
And I just
let everything slip out of my fingers.
I just didn’t realize
how terribly rich I was.
Now I only have memories.
It’s too late to say I’m sorry.
I looked up and he was gone.
Cherish your love,
As if there is no tomorrow.
Make sure you are with him
when he needs you.
That is the way
you should follow
cherish your love
and never let it go

It’s nice when people in a difficult time don’t look for their old pattern. I find it incredibly clever that, in a difficult time, you no longer choose what has been, and you have chosen a different route, which does not offer any certainty when you start it. Some need a heart attack or even worse. Be grateful for your depression, and see it as something that was necessary to break through your old pattern. Letting go of your soul love, and seeking soul love in yourself. Does this mean that you become a different person? And then your soul love that you love so much, no longer wild? Because then I don’t want to start looking for love in myself. (Unknown)

It certainly does not mean that you no longer want your twinflame, but that you wait until the other person is ready to go with you to the unknown. I have become myself and therefore you only want one thing and that is to grow together with your twinflame .. so yes go for yourself then you go for your soul love, and hopefully he goes for you too. (Unknown)

There is no one who loves you as much as you love .. and there will never be someone you love so much .. not even if you have changed (read; become yourself again) .. I speak from experience .. faith me but .. love (Unknown)

I cannot confirm that, so I do not think that I am dealing with a twinflame. (Unknown)