Q0221. Who knows a soul-loving couple who are together and who are happy?


If I read all the stories here, it seems as if no one is really happy with his soul love! Has a true relationship ever come from meeting your soul love? Because despite the fact that you are always connected and you realize that, you still remain human with all your desires to be together … Or do those people who have stayed together with their love of the soul, prefer not to tell their story? Who knows a soul-loving couple who are together, who are happy?

I think this is just a test “of the whole soul-loving thing” (that distance) so that together you become stronger ………. And your own “I” becomes … A new strong “independent I”. Someone who has everything under control. You also see it everywhere on the internet ………… Almost all soul loved ones get this test …… I think it’s needed for something! And then the trick is how deep this love is …………………………………… .or you still love each other so much after having been apart all those years! And whether this is really unconditional? If you overcome all these storms together, only then can you talk about soul love! And then you know (This is true love). (Unknown)

I would like to respond to the answer to question 221. It may be true that this trial comes to be your own “me”, but you meet your soul love at a time when you are both your own “me” and at a time when you are ready to find your other soul half. So you can also take care of developing your own “me” together. It is also true that when you meet, you do know, this is different, this is deeper, this is it (true love) and that you have lived separately for years. So you can also weather those storms together. I have weathered these storms and after being apart for a few weeks, we have come together, because missing was so bad. Love as we humans know is not unconditional, but soul love is a love that forgives a lot, precisely because it is so deep, is pure. We also had our problems after those individual weeks, but we both knew, without each other it is no life at all, with each other it is just finished. So we started working together on our own “me” and being together. (Unknown)

Of course there are soul love’s that are together. They often have a common mission. From my own experience I can say that this is a growth process. On an energetic level we are always together and we show each other everything and we help each other, I see this as cleansing and preparation. What strikes me from the stories is that I do not read much about the preparation on an energetic level, I see it as a love that you have to meet in a pure and pure way. On the energy level, everything happens to us. You have to be at a certain point and then “you can handle it all” it is a pretty intense event but I keep seeing it as special. The soul grows, I hope soon to embrace my soul love. (Unknown)

Yes there are soul loved ones who are happy together. I now have a relationship with my twinflame, only very briefly. However, I don’t think it is a relationship that can be compared to a relationship in which both are not twinflames. A lot is coming up, things that you still have to process. and you are “obliged” to work on it, otherwise the relationship cannot continue. So it is a lot of busy with feelings, and then try to fit that in a relationship where the feelings are very intense. Love is intense, so the arguments are just as intense. The relationship is also accompanied by a lot of pleasure, but just as much as there is pleasure there is so much pain. It is working, working, working, that’s how I experience it, but on the other hand there is an intense feeling of love that cannot be described. In addition, I have experienced in my relationship that you look in the mirror almost constantly, So you have to look at yourself, you also see funny things in that, that is also laughter. I cannot say that I am always super happy, but very often I am. And that is the purpose for which you do it, I think. Heavy, difficult. Try to fit it in a relationship, I have a hard time with that, because love, real love, cannot fit into a form, it seems. In addition, I also experience that I can give love to the outside world with more pleasure. Everyone wants love and peace in the world. That is not always easy to implement, but it gives you the most satisfaction. It is nice for someone else, but it grows enormously. I want to support everyone to cherish the love that you have for your twinflame.