Q0214. Why do men sometimes not let themselves be heard anymore?


I have been in contact with a guest via msn for more than 3 months but I don’t know if I can trust him. We share everything with each other. Only I’m not sure, but when he talks to me he is so sweet and always says when he hasn’t spoken to me for 1 or 2 days. We agreed at the end of this month but I really don’t know how to handle this. I love him, alee yes the person, that I know from msn but what if he is completely different than he claims. Why is love so difficult? Please help me with this. I would like to ask the men who also experience soul love why it is often easier for you not to make contact anymore and to leave the opposing party in the dark?

Well men and emotions. Women may seem more broken on the outside because they cannot or will not hide their emotions. But because they allow their emotions, they have processed their pain faster. Men are broken inside, but do not always show that, not even to themselves. On the outside though. They think they should go on, or they exclude everyone, including themselves. Men run away for pain. But also for love. As soon as you have something beautiful, a lovely woman who really loves you, you somehow destroy it. You do not cherish what you have, you are almost afraid of it. It is a strange phenomenon. Running away for love is a common fact, by the way. (Unknown)

In soul love I never talk about letting go but always about letting go. I think it is not possible to let go if there is true soul love. in the two years that I had absolutely no contact with my ‘twinflame’ I released her, did not seek contact with her except for a single e-mail, but I never let her go. I was always with her and she always with me and we both felt so incredibly strong. For me, letting go always feels a bit like the end of something and I prefer to let people go. (Pim)

Nice saying Pim. Don’t let go, let go. I do my best to release him. To respect his choice. But this is difficult. And then the feeling. Will that never pass? When I get a message from him, my heart skips a few beats. He has not forgotten me. And deep down I know that too. I feel that too. (Jootje)

I had to laugh a little at your question as a man. I don’t know how you got here to notice this and I also think that many men who have or should have let go of their soulmate raise their eyebrows about your question. Of course, it is true that men are less trained in dealing with emotions, but everything is relative. My soulmate simply shuts himself down, takes a hard line, traverses across all my borders. This is really a woman. But it is not normal in her culture to show your emotions. I am a man who just loves it, I show what I am and what I feel. I notice that this is often a pitfall, because many women do not want a vulnerable, sweet and / or emotionally intelligent man at all, because they are more than happy to wipe it out. As said, everything is relativeJust being yourself but not expecting the other to be like you is the best remedy. A healthy reserve is necessary, also in relation to your partner. After all, you never know who you are suddenly facing when it is over. A bit of a balance between tough and vulnerable, that works well and retains your self-esteem Both sexes maintain the myth, it really doesn’t depend on the men… (Unknown)