Q0208. How do others deal with comments or judgments from other people?


Other people are an obstacle in friendship with my soul love. What do they say? This mainly affects me. Others will not understand our relationship. How do others deal with comments made by other people? How do you continue with soul love with prejudices of others? How do you deal with confusing feelings while you also have a partner? How to understand this soul love?

My Tip: Only talk to people who also know this feeling, because nobody else will be able to understand this. They must have experienced it themselves. Follow your feelings and your intuition, there is the answer. (Unknown)

I am a clairvoyant myself, but I have also been to a clairvoyant person a couple of times who have always told me that I would never see him again and that he was a bastard and that he was a sex maniac! s, and I have to tell you, we have never had sex together if there is one thing I know then it is not a bastard and sex maniac, I am very clear-sighted and have enormous human insights so I just know that and no more see??? I have already seen him twice more lol 🙂 so you see !!!! A clairvoyant will not tell you that it is your twin, or very rarely and do you know why ?? Because that is something that you have to feel yourself and know they do not want me above that you just hear it from a clairvoyant and then you know no, this is a test, you have to trust yourself and if you can do that then I think you have succeeded 🙂 Try to write down your feelings in a kind of diary or twin book 🙂 it is better than talking to people who don’t understand it, my best friend does not understand it at all and sometimes thinks that I am just breaking because I say my heart always leads me to the place where he is and that I can supply him! but that is also true, and I know that better than anyone else, but when I talk to my best friend I feel depressed after our conversation and I do not understand I sometimes get the impression that it is better is not to talk too much about it and just cherish it in my heart and share it with real people who have experienced the same thing !!! Never let anyone discourage you, they are not worth your tears, they are narrow-minded and dare not hope, I find that pathetic, I have always been someone who believed in true true love, if that were not the case, I would not have met it !! ANYTHING YOU DON’T BELIEVE CANNOT HAPPEN YOU OR YOU CAN’T EXPERIENCE, remember that !! I wish you lots of love and happiness on your further path. (Claudia)