Q0198. My life has changed a lot, after my soul love broke the relationship. Who recognizes this?


I have had a relationship with my soul love (heavenly what a fantastic feeling so real, pure love that is very deep, I had never experienced anything like it and I think I will never experience it again). He broke the relationship because it was all too sensitive and he said that our love comes from one side only from me. Now, after years I still can’t let go of him I have met several men, but everything ends in nothing because he is always with me. I can’t offer that man anything because my soul love is always with me. I also have much less pleasure in everything in my life because I cannot find that heavenly feeling with anyone or anything I do. Who recognizes this and how do you deal with it?

I do not know if you will read this, but I still think that destiny will let this be read to the person for whom it is intended, I know that losing your twin in your life is something very difficult, I have a very difficult period behind the back, I have spent a lot to find my twin, I have been humiliated, laughed at, I have been sick by it, raped, robbed and also literally gone mad, luckily I am out of that turbulent period and I am in my silent period, which is also not nice, it makes me a bit depressed and everything feels empty, sometimes I worry that something is wrong with my twin and that is why I feel or feel that way. Life without a twin is bad, it’s been five years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my twin, I am sorry but I know it will never pass, I am not going to fool you either, I have different periods, there are periods that I want to give up and continue my life! n, but then something reminds me of him again, if I give everything and try to find him then it will not work and afterwards I will be even more discouraged so I always float between giving up and continuing and in the long run I no longer know what to do, but I think it’s best not to constantly change your mind and never give up on how difficult it is, God sometimes does really beautiful things, he has brought my sister back together with the person they already have year crazy, they fit together perfectly, I think they are also soul lovers ,! Only I find it regrettable that this and others in the same situations cannot help either. But everyone has a different destiny, if you feel that you are coming back together, then believe in it, and then trust in it and in yourself, then it will also come faster and be patient that is really something that you have to learn !!! And you indeed have the feeling that you will never find this again with someone else and that is true, but d! it is also not the intention of life, the intention is to reach your life’s goal and along the way you will come across many soulmates and people you can get along with and help you get closer to your twin, listen to yourself, your inner voice and your destiny if you follow the voice of your heart, you automatically get back where you need to be, with your twin, everything has a reason even though you sometimes only later know what that reason was but it is also true. try to find out what God want you to learn,