Q0194. Can you feel your soulmate while you’ve never seen each other?


You can feel your soulmate while you have never seen each other and the first time must be that recognition. I ask that because I was in contact with someone I felt his emotions are thinking and acting. My whole life was upside down, I was confronted with my past with emotions that were not specific to me. We had agreed but he was disappointed because he was expecting something, but I think one or both of us were not ready for it. He broke off the contact and I feel very double, broken but also feel that we will never be separated. Can someone explain to me I am really confused. Thanks it is so beautiful but also so difficult.

Soul love is the only love that has a strong spiritual connection. Even though one lives in America and the other in the Netherlands, your connection is and remains very strong, even though you have never seen each other. I don’t think he could handle seeing you because this connection is quite hectic, you loose a lot together. Being able to let go of old emotional patterns, scars first. It was not yet time. You must first grow and have the power within yourself. That needs time. (Luc)