Q0187. Can you notice a soul love bond only after years?


Can it be with soul love that you first notice that there is a click? And everything goes through you? But that you really only notice after 7 years in my case that you and the person have a special bond ???

I have also experienced it myself. Because I knew quite quickly that there was a special bond between us, but I doubted whether he felt that way. I just started to lead my own life and let him lead his own. Because we both did that, we both found out that we are soulmates. This after 9 years. I think you know it deep down, but you don’t always want to get out of it. That takes time. (Unknown)

The basis of a twinflame love is not from the need from the ego but from soul love. You only meet your twinflame when you are fairly free from your ego. When you are fairly free from your ego you can therefore expose your soul. At that moment you are purely opposed to each other. At that moment you only recognize each other in your own nature, then you realize that both are the same. Have the same interests and the same passion. You are on the same frequency as it were. It doesn’t matter if you have known each other for 7 years, you only recognize each other when you are ready and free from your ego. When the ego later plays tricks again, it may even be that you no longer feel the soul’s love. (Unknown)