Q0165. What happens if it is not yet time to be together?


What if it’s not time to be together already? Do they still keep waiting for each other? Or do they each go their own way? Can anyone else conquer that place in the heart other than that one?

I think that someone else can never take that place. Something that is deep cannot be replaced. I would rather stay alone forever than have to go on with someone else without love. “A kiss that does not touch the heart only bores the mouth.” No soul love cannot be replaced. (Unknown)

If your soul love doesn’t wait for you, then it wasn’t real love either. There will always be a time reserved for you. (Unknown)

Answer Make the choice that you really want, that you feel with your heart!

Answer The
heartbreak of your life is the deepest crisis of your life. The desire for your soul lover can almost hurt physically. A broken heart is therefore more than emotional suffering. All these changes provide a huge kick, according to scientists comparable to a hard drug addiction. If this is simply taken away from you, then that can be compared to kicking out a serious addiction. It takes a while for your brain to switch back. Fighting the feelings is therefore not very useful. (Jacky)