Q0151. Can you shut yourself off for soul love feeling?


Can you shut yourself off from those intense feelings that soul love entails, and say and think I feel nothing, or can it be that you cannot deal with it and therefore say that you feel nothing, because I know from experience it is indeed very beautiful and intense, but letting go is hell.

The more you close yourself for this and the more you try to let go, the greater the love becomes, but also the sadness becomes more and more and deeper, to get mad that you have to lose yourself and win like that after my notion of this, that struggle that I am now entering into with myself and my soul love is an impossible struggle, because I feel more and more love and I have never felt so lost, I wish you a lot of strength if you (Unknown)

I also have trouble letting go but at times when I feel completely fine with myself again, and think of gosh how wonderful life is and I feel free even without him, (even if that thought is only briefly) then he is usually that same day back (Attracting). and hence we become every step closer .. and since I now know that it is even harder to let go. (Marij)